• Who are we?

    We’re all young students attending the BA in Global Governance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. We founded The Global Observer in 2017, with the intention of creating a platform where thoughts could stem from and be shared on.

  • Providing Food for thought

    Our aim is not to give people the news. We do not want to be a source of information. We want to be a food for thought. We want to take a break from the chaos and just stop for a minute, to think. We want to give our perspective but we also want to challenge it.

  • A Transcultural Team

    We all come from different countries and backgrounds; sharing our views does nothing but get us closer, shortening the cultural distance between us. We hope to build an online community that believes in debating and exchanging as ways of wearing down conflicts, rather than enhancing them.

  • A Fight for change

    We don’t want to be passive observers. We are not here to whine. The analysis, reflection and exchange of ideas are the first steps towards an actual and effective change, that can take place in many different ways. After all, it’s the power of ideas and thoughts that has always been the world’s one and true leading fuel.


Big Tech and Oil Production, a new-found relationship

Big Tech Companies have always publicized themselves as fierce opponents of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. They often associate themselves with climate activism and, during panels and conferences their “Green”

The Citizen’s Convention on Climate: utopia or step towards change?

Photos credits: IDDRI In France, the municipal elections on the 28th of June surprisingly brought ecology on the front of the political scene in big cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux,

Harvesting Data: Monsanto’s new business? 

Monsanto is already world-wide known as the nightmare of farmers, and the developer of the polemical glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide in the 1970s. What the company traditionally does is called genetical

Capitalism and Environment: the other disease

The world is facing a global health crisis, but wasn’t the  planet already sick?   While the number of living vertebrates diminished of 60% between between 1970 and 2014, the oil

Incentivize Electric Cars for a Sustainable Recovery from Covid-19 Crisis

How has the future of electric vehicles been affected by the on-going pandemic? What could their potential role be in a much needed economic recovery? An article by Simone Cimadomo.

Symbiotic Economy: innovate to serve the common good

The symbiotic economy is a term coined by Isabelle Delannoy in her book “Symbiotic economy: Regenerate the planet, the economy and the society” published in 2017.    In our series

Why Every Kid Should Learn How To Sail

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an article that analyzed an articles’ point of view on the benefits of sailing while being a kid. It basically described the benefits

What Does a Racist Louisiana Law Have to Do With Abortion Rights?

The Supreme Court of the United States has begun ruling from home on Monday, March 23, 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 that, according to a recent death toll,


Big Tech and Oil Production, a new-found relationship

Big Tech Companies have always publicized themselves as fierce opponents of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. They often associate themselves with climate activism and, during panels and conferences their “Green” Initiatives are always presented to the public to remind us their concern for the environment. While all of this is

The consequences of the Gulf War and the effects of the economic sanctions on Iraq

The purpose of this article is to analyze the socio-economic effects of the sanctions imposed on the Iraqi population after the invasion of Kuwait and the consequent war. This analysis will focus on the humanitarian consequences of the sanctions on a country destroyed by bombing, suffocated by an unlimited and

The beneficial and side effects of advertisements

  It is in the interest of the company to act in a thoughtful and measured way. In financing a product or a brand, an intelligent advertising is a fundamental tool of communication that increase brand visibility and the measurable market. Social media as well are an important component of

COVID-19, a dangerous virus in a globalized world

2020 is now almost 2 months old and, it hasn’t been one of the easiest newborns. Starting with the US-Iran tensions with the killing of Soleimani threatening global security in the early days of the new decade, we now witness a new problem of this troublesome child; it caught the

The Economic Man is Dead and We Have Killed Him, You and I!

His portrait is painted in words and equations, not in pictures, if it were to be drawn, however, he would have to look something like this: standing alone, money in hand, calculator in head, and ego in heart. (Raworth, 2017) The Death of God (1) by Friedrich Nietzsche is one


During my whole life I’ve never been in a place like Sihanoukville, and I’m not talking about anything positive. We are in Cambodia, surrounded by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The city is the one of the most important in here, because of the solid Chinese business invading literally any area.

Public Diplomacy, Soft Power and Budget Restrictions

On the third day of the Diplomacy Festival, October 21st, a few students had the opportunity to go, visit and listen to a conference at the “Circolo Ministero degli Affari Esteri” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The conference was conducted by five talkers, each of them practicing in a different working

How investments from private companies can foster stability and prosperity for Africa and Europe

From the International Cooperation Expo 2019 – in collaboration with Fondazione Aurora:   We are aware that official development assistance is not enough, the private sector should play an important role on pursuing the goals of Agenda 2030.   How should we envisage the role of private investment in fostering