The word soliphilia, from the French solidaire (interdependent), the Latin solidus (solid or whole) and the Greek philia (fondness in the form of love of fellow citizens and neighbors), is a concept belonging to a list of words created by the sustainability professor Glenn Albrecht to create psychoterratic connections betweenRead More →

  Midnight, November 8, 2016. While the Americans were rejoicing or lamenting the victory of Donald Trump as president of the USA, India was fumbling with suddenly valueless pieces of paper, as the result of one of the boldest government move since the establishment of the Indian republic. Indeed, onRead More →

  Recently, as the United States experienced one of the coldest winter ever in the country’s history, a tweet by the current president Trump attracted a lot of attention from everyone around the world. Consequently, this brings attention to the much  bigger issue here, the lack of people’s scientific understanding of climate change and related phenomena like globalRead More →

Mission-driven value proposition lecture by Silvia Pulino from JCU In an ever-changing world, let’s not take lightly the power of social entrepreneurship, because it’s one of the most effective and essential instruments to tackle the countless social and environmental problems that we face today. This is not meant to beRead More →

In one of the Global Conversations hosted by our course, we have had the pleasure of attending a two-day conference led by an esteemed guest: Mark Hertsgaard. He is a father, author, journalist, broadcaster , public speaker and has published seven books that have been translated into sixteen languages. Moreover,Read More →

Centuries of history, cradle of many philosophical ideas and today one of the world’s biggest economies, militaries and population combined in one country – China is the sleeping giant that has woken up. The “strong” have always attempted to divide the world amongst themselves: In the 15th Century Spain andRead More →