Towards the development of a virtual model of sustainable and self-sufficient welfare society to transform the real world: a discussion rich of suggestions and ideas by César Emilio Valdivieso París, a Venezuelan professor, creator of the project “El Mundo Feliz del Futuro” and first commenter of our blog. As yourRead More →

I am watching the time label on the screen of my phone, laying down on the white sheet of my bed. The white of the sheets is just the same color of my vest, and it seems like I am submerged in the same big white sea, only my faceRead More →

On April 20th, we had the honor to host the Professor Vladislav Zubok for a Global Conversation. Professor Zubok is a real expert in his field having written books such as “A Failed Empire: the Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin to Gorbachev” and “Zhivago’s Children: the LastRead More →

The debates concerning the Islamic culture have been a trending topic not only in politics but also when analyzing social-economic aspects within the nations, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, where it is possible to find an Islam prevalence. The opportunity to engage in an interesting discussion about this subject ledRead More →

 On the 11th of April, Professor Pasquale Scaramozzino held a Global Conversation in the Economics Faculty of Tor Vergata. He graduated from La Sapienza with a Laurea summa cum laude in Scienze Statistiche ed Economiche in 1984 and pursued his Ph.D. at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1990. TheRead More →

One week to drop the Middle East in turmoil As the earthquake comes with progressive waves, Trump’s two decisions to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal and to move the US embassy from Israel to Jerusalem, further quaked the Middle East. The current US administration policies seem to reflect the president figure:Read More →

“Europe is an ambitious project, it is an active utopia, struggling to coalesce and consolidate the otherwise disconnected, multidirectional actions. How active that utopia will ultimately turn, depends on its actors.” (Zygmunt Bauman). Let us examine Europe and let us therefore look at this quote, that defines the European UnionRead More →