A conversation with Belgium Ambassador Frank Carruet Nowadays, International relations are so difficult to hang. Every country is different and it has multiple needs from a social and economic point of view. In order to maintain peaceful and smart relations with the world, the respect for the country that is locatedRead More →

A conversation with Marina Calculli GG students have made an interesting international trip in middle eastern studies thanks to a proposal at the “Universiteit Leiden” (The Netherlands) and the explanation of her research. She focused her work on “Hezbollah, the Lebanese State and the International Community “. She focused on theRead More →

On March 22nd, eight South American presidents signed the “Santiago Declaration” in the capital of Chile, launching a new proposal for regional integration: the Forum for the Progress of South America or simply, Prosur. The idea was developed by Chile’s President Sebastian Piñera and Colombia’s Ivan Duque, they invited allRead More →