A conversation with Francesco Lotoro “Concentrationary music” is not an existent kind of music, even the adjective is not an official word, but it is used to promote an important concept: memory. Thanks to the experience and passion of Mr. Francesco Lotoro, GG students have had the possibility to listenRead More →

10thEDITION OF DIPLOMACY FESTIVAL: Ambassador of Germany to Italy. #Diplomacy19 17-10-19 The beginning of the Diplomacy Festival has been signed by an interesting meeting with the German Ambassador H.E. Viktor Elbling; Cooperation and multilateralism were the most important topics of the day, in particular the future of markets and socialRead More →

Episode 1: Tourism: a model to re-invent? Episode 2: Can eco-tourism be the solution to over-tourism? We belong to a time of extreme movement facilitation, openness to the world and cultures. We profit from the economic competition applied to the international flights, and from the advantages of the low cost companies.Read More →

On the 20th of September the world has reached a new milestone in the evergoing research for technological improvement. Such achievement is called “Quantum Supremacy”, these 2 words define the event in which a quantum computer has finally been able to calculate something that a regular computer wouldn’t have everRead More →

Everyone wants a cleaner environment for their kids, but only a few try their best to guarantee it to them. It’s everyone’s right to live in a cleaner environment, but it’s our duty as well to create the conditions for this cause, through our leading example. This is the thought,Read More →

For some time now, information mediated through imagery, primarily photographs, has been a fellow chief instructor (the other being literature) of our moral imagination and our perception of distant, clandestine experiences. One thinks of conflicts, controversy or atrocities, with the subtle photographic displays of (what we have come to knowRead More →

Topic: Agrifood, Morocco   The starting point of a wider view on a new transformation for Africa and its population is located directly into everyday meals; Even the smallest grain of wheat can make the difference. The sustainable agriculture represents a big step forward in agrifood terms. Morocco is locatedRead More →