A conversation with Francesco Lotoro “Concentrationary music” is not an existent kind of music, even the adjective is not an official word, but it is used to promote an important concept: memory. Thanks to the experience and passion of Mr. Francesco Lotoro, GG students have had the possibility to listenRead More →

On the third day of the Diplomacy Festival, October 21st, a few students had the opportunity to go, visit and listen to a conference at the “Circolo Ministero degli Affari Esteri” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The conference was conducted by five talkers, each of them practicing in a different workingRead More →

Episode 1: Tourism: a model to re-invent? Episode 2: Can eco-tourism be the solution to over-tourism? We belong to a time of extreme movement facilitation, openness to the world and cultures. We profit from the economic competition applied to the international flights, and from the advantages of the low cost companies.Read More →

For some time now, information mediated through imagery, primarily photographs, has been a fellow chief instructor (the other being literature) of our moral imagination and our perception of distant, clandestine experiences. One thinks of conflicts, controversy or atrocities, with the subtle photographic displays of (what we have come to knowRead More →

With the final Brexit leaving date just around the corner (31st of October) still remains unclear about what the outcome will be in regards to the new rules and regulations with the EU, not to mention where UK citizens abroad and EU nationals in the UK stand. There are talksRead More →