In a world of screens and social media, books seem something old, coming from a remote century. iPads, tablets and Kindles have quickly replaced paper books, making them too heavy and bulky for our new frenetic society. In the past decade statistics showed a big crisis of the publishing industry,Read More →

Lying at the meeting point of North Africa and Europe, covering more than 172 thousand square miles, where a spectacular mix of Roman, French, Arab, Spanish, and many other cultures coexist, Morocco serves as a land enriched with cultural and historical heritage. All too often cultural heritage is conceived asRead More →

The Significance of the Critique of the Aristocratic Elite in the 18th Century for the Formation of Modern Liberalism and its Current Global Repercussions A conversation with Dirk Schuck The basic conflict between “Personal Dependency” and “Rise of the Market” is fundamental as a perfect historical background to understand theRead More →

Suburra was a vast and populous district of Rome, which lied in the dip between the southern end of the Viminal and the western end of the Esqueline hills. The term Suburra describes the most infamous neighborhood within the capital of the Empire, where crimes, fires and robberies were constantly present. ItRead More →

A conversation with Nicolò Sartori The numerous implications of the energy sector and global challenges for renewables energies have been the main topics of the meeting. The added value given to this conversation has been given to the guest’s global perspective on the linkage between international relations and energy. EnergyRead More →

The allegory of Good and Bad government is a series of three fresco panels, located in Siena’s Palazzo pubblico, more specifically in the Sala dei Nove (Salon of Nine), which was the council hall of the Republic of Siena’s nine executive magistrates. The fresco was painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti betweenRead More →