Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park has a key role in the protection and conservation of terrestrial and marine habitat since its creation in 1988. How can the natural resources of the Bocas del Toro archipelago best be managed in order to promote conservation and sustainable use also considering the socio-economicRead More →

2020 is now almost 2 months old and, it hasn’t been one of the easiest newborns. Starting with the US-Iran tensions with the killing of Soleimani threatening global security in the early days of the new decade, we now witness a new problem of this troublesome child; it caught theRead More →

On January 15, President Putin held an annual meeting with the Russian government, which is usually a quite unexciting event for both the parliament members and the general public. However, this year’s meeting was preceded with peculiar novelties: Russian media agencies speculated that the recording of the meeting would beRead More →

Our natural environment is full of diversity and is multivariable; this is what makes it so special. The flora and fauna range from west to east having completely different semblances. Nature is fundamental not only for us human beings but also for the whole environment we live in. Without well-functioningRead More →