Big Tech Companies have always publicized themselves as fierce opponents of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. They often associate themselves with climate activism and, during panels and conferences their “Green” Initiatives are always presented to the public to remind us their concern for the environment. While all of this isRead More →

From the Heart of Ancient Arabia to a Battlefield   “Humanitarian crisis in Yemen remains the worst in the world” – UN  Behind this statement, there is a whole world to discover and understand. The ongoing conflicts in Yemen, which are completely devastating the country especially in the last decade,Read More →

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one in all the world’s longest-running and most contentious conflicts. At this stage, much attention is paid to this conflict, since the unresolved nature of this conflict situation adversely affects the event of nations within the Mideast region. Since 1948, the year the state of Israel was formed, the conflict within the Mideast has not stopped, annually taking many lives. The shortage of a political settlement creates favorable conditions for brand spanking new clashes between the opponents, which affects the whole international situation. This conflict has repeatedly acted as a detonator within the development of the international situation as an entire…
…War is a very useful tool when you cannot get what you want in other ways. However, it has a very terrible feature: the war will begin when you want to begin, but it will not end when you want it to end.Read More →

Photos credits: IDDRI In France, the municipal elections on the 28th of June surprisingly brought ecology on the front of the political scene in big cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, and Strasbourg. In a government practically reluctant to take the climate emergency into consideration and prioritize concrete measures, the electionsRead More →

The increasing  Islamophobia in the Western World is a dangerous phenomenon, common nowadays. The rise of Populist parties, nationalism and drastic cultural distinctions, these are among many symptoms of the rising Islamophobia, mainly caused by violence in Muslim countries, anti-Western terrorism attacks, the attitude and the radicalization of certain immigrantsRead More →

Events started in various nations in the first half of 2011 with a list of uprisings and armed rebellions with people for the goal of democracy and better living standards, The “Arab Spring,” which encompassed mainly in Muslim countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and many others. The consequences ofRead More →

To start this theme of discourse, it is extremely significant to understand the core of Islam religion. The word ‘Islam’ by itself means peace from the Arabian language. Unfortunately, in recent years, an important amount of people started to misinterpret Islam as a narrow-minded and greatly warlike religion. Additionally, todayRead More →

The terminology “Middle East” was given by Europeans after the First World War to the area between the “near East” and the “far East” – indicating India – based on a European view of the world.  Until the First World War, the Middle East comprehended fewer borders than the onesRead More →