Arina Lopukhina

A philosophy of confined Youth

2 days ago, France re-opened the cinemas, bars and restaurants, after more than 8 months of closure. That meant freedom, for the youth : being able to go out, to socialize again. But now that the summer makes us see another end of the tunnel, I asked myself: what will we do with all our memories? What will we do with this year of online learning, anxiety, monotonous social life and psychological struggles? Do we chose to forget, or to build upon? 

Is mass culture still culture?

For a long time, the term “culture” referred only to the erudition, the “savoir-vivre” and the intellectual know-how of an elite. However, the term “mass culture” denotes the popular imagination (without being confused with “popular culture”, but rather in the sense of a large number of people). It has nothing… Read More »Is mass culture still culture?

Uganda: when accessing the Internet is going political

Uganda, an East African country bordering Congo and Kenya, is going through dark days for human rights. On Thursday 14 January, after a long-running campaign between Yoweri Museveni, vying for a 6th term, and Bobi Wine, MP and youth favourite singer, the country voted. A tense electoral process for the… Read More »Uganda: when accessing the Internet is going political

Aeroponics systems as a local answer to global issues

  In France, where I come from, you learn in the first year of highschool to manipulate and understand the Maslow Pyramid of human’s needs. What you discover, back then, is the already intuitively felt importance of food and water, placed among the “physiological needs”, at the bottom of the… Read More »Aeroponics systems as a local answer to global issues

The Citizen’s Convention on Climate: utopia or step towards change?

Photos credits: IDDRI In France, the municipal elections on the 28th of June surprisingly brought ecology on the front of the political scene in big cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, and Strasbourg. In a government practically reluctant to take the climate emergency into consideration and prioritize concrete measures, the elections… Read More »The Citizen’s Convention on Climate: utopia or step towards change?

Harvesting Data: Monsanto’s new business? 

Monsanto is already world-wide known as the nightmare of farmers, and the developer of the polemical glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide in the 1970s. What the company traditionally does is called genetical and bio-engineering, using gene improved plants to better off the profits and efficiency of agricultural production. It is specialized in… Read More »Harvesting Data: Monsanto’s new business? 

Capitalism and Environment: the other disease

The world is facing a global health crisis, but wasn’t the  planet already sick?   While the number of living vertebrates diminished of 60% between between 1970 and 2014, the oil production never stopped increasing (i.e chart below). In August 2018, the global world production passed the 100 billions barrels per… Read More »Capitalism and Environment: the other disease

Unlocking the locked, and the ‘possible’

Isn’t this suspended time of quarantine already long enough to allow us to subject the components of the current system to examination and to assess them, before deciding whether we want to contribute to its repair, or seek a better one?

Data: the new black gold

In the age of dataism, algocracy, social media, over-presence of internet, we allow cookies every day, clicking “ok” on terms and conditions, letting our data be used and sold without consciousness of it. The growth of computing capacities and flows of digital data (called Big Data) has made it possible… Read More »Data: the new black gold

Pension system in France: my numerical protest

If you still didn’t hear in the news lately: in France are happening huge strikes, and work stoppage. A call for the population was launched on December 5 and the country was basically blocked all day long, from the flights, metro, buses, to the schools and works. Promised by Emmanuel… Read More »Pension system in France: my numerical protest

Algeria – Hirak and nonviolence: a Sharp’s prism

Since the starting point of the Revolution of Smiles, or Hirak Movement, on February 16, 10 days after the news of the dynamic president Bouteflika’s candidacy for presidency, the structure, the significance and the leading of this protest has been astonishing, for many reasons. First, for the non-violent trend and… Read More »Algeria – Hirak and nonviolence: a Sharp’s prism

Tourism: a model to re-invent?

Episode 1: Tourism: a model to re-invent? Episode 2: Can eco-tourism be the solution to over-tourism? We belong to a time of extreme movement facilitation, openness to the world and cultures. We profit from the economic competition applied to the international flights, and from the advantages of the low cost companies.… Read More »Tourism: a model to re-invent?

Friday for future, a worldwide waking up

It is now more than known : the movement that Greta Thunberg launched in August 2018 by sitting in front of the Swedish Parliament is spreading day by day, embracing already the youth and calling for every age, every social background, everyone. On 20th of September, the young Swedish girl… Read More »Friday for future, a worldwide waking up