Belarus, a small state on the edge of Europe, rarely makes it to international headlines. However, starting August 9, astonishing hard-to-miss protests sparked in the country following the presidential election results. As in 2011 elections (and the ones earlier), opposition activists pointed out deliberate falsification of vote counts, whichRead More →

Chechnya is infamous for the blaring cases of human rights violations and terrorism, which are often blamed on the prevalence of Islam in the region. However, ironically, Chechens have only undergone a major process of Islamization relatively recently and historically preferred a syncretist approach to socio-religious matters. In the modernRead More →

The global pandemic has left a footprint on everyone’s life, challenging the concept of normality. However, some places on the map were shaken to their core, but not (only) due to the health-related concerns posed by the menacing virus. Hong Kong perfectly manages to sustain the COVID threat: as ofRead More →

On January 15, President Putin held an annual meeting with the Russian government, which is usually a quite unexciting event for both the parliament members and the general public. However, this year’s meeting was preceded with peculiar novelties: Russian media agencies speculated that the recording of the meeting would beRead More →