The simple answer is no. But should you wear them? Absolutely   We have all probably heard this question a lot of times: in the news, from our family members, friends, entitled protectors of the freedom of movement and slavery constructivists (though in that case, the question would be followedRead More →

Alright, so I am gonna crunch a few numbers here. GDP: The Holy Grail of governments seeking re-election, political opponents and journalists; The cradle of the Information Age! Master of the numbers, the Kingmaker! I beg to disagree. It’s high time that we stopped singing praise about this said YardstickRead More →

(Cute Laden) Folks, ya’ll in for a tough read over here. It might get a bit windy and confusing but bear with me. Afghanistan, the Crossroad of Asia, the Graveyard of Empires, land of the Afghanis (which raises the question “Who are the Afghanis?” but honestly, that’s a whole differentRead More →