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“Freedom and independence is my character” - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The “Arab Spring” Displacement of the Regimes, Leaders and the situation of the Middle East

Events started in various nations in the first half of 2011 with a list of uprisings and armed rebellions with people for the goal of democracy and better living standards, The “Arab Spring,” which encompassed mainly in Muslim countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and many others. The consequences of… Read More »The “Arab Spring” Displacement of the Regimes, Leaders and the situation of the Middle East

Fake News and How To Avoid Them?

Both disinformation and misinformation contribute to fake news, and both act a risk to brands and the public. Yet, the significant difference between the two lies in intent. Disinformation carries with it the conscious intent to disseminate information known to be incorrect. In opposition, the sender of misinformation may not… Read More »Fake News and How To Avoid Them?

The Significance of Human Rights

  Talking about human rights is nowadays an effective way of advocating for social justice globally. However, what are human rights? What do they do? Drawing on anthropological studies of human rights from around the globe, the novel analyzes human rights in training. It demonstrates how groups and organizations gather… Read More »The Significance of Human Rights

Turkey’s 54-years of European Adventure.

The partnership agreement, application for membership of the Customs Union, candidate status, and the start of negotiations. Here are Turkey’s 54-years of European adventure. While Turkey’s European Union since 1963 (EU) is perhaps the most challenging adventure twist, it is debated whether Turkish Foreign Policy; which started 54 years ago, at… Read More »Turkey’s 54-years of European Adventure.