Clara Saglietti

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."  This is probably the only part where I am going to use the "I", because I strongly believe that the ideas and messages I try to convey should be independent and more important than the person behind them. I would love to be able to offer some food for thought, a different perspective or simply a pause for reflection while waiting for the bus. However, what I would appreciate most is to start a debate or a conversation in order to share opinions, thus do not hesitate to comment the blog or contact me privately.

Circles and Lines in the Spheres of Justice

Geometrical metaphors to explain the liberal and communitarian paradigms and to advance some proposals for a dimensional shift in the relationship between the individuals and the communities. “If you go away from a row, you can still come back into it. A row is an open formation. But a circle… Read More »Circles and Lines in the Spheres of Justice

The Post-Paradigmatic Alternative of Buen Vivir.

Learning from Ecuador to Address Global Problems Locally. Buen viviris a broad concept still under elaboration and represents a plurality of theoretical perspectives, practical realisations, and positions from a variety of actors including indigenous groups, social movements, intellectuals, and politicians. In its most general interpretation, it denotes and aims at… Read More »The Post-Paradigmatic Alternative of Buen Vivir.

The niche of words: Uitwaaien

“On bended knee is no way to be free Lifting up an empty cup I ask silently That all my destinations will accept the one that’s me So I can breathe […] Holding me like gravity are places that pull […] Everyone I come across in cages they bought They… Read More »The niche of words: Uitwaaien

Be praised, my Lord, through our sister Hypocrisy

Big events, pollution and the need for pragmatic coherence. Rome, 13th of August. The Circus Maximus, an ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium, is riddled with rubbish, with envelopes of food and drinks, cans, paper, plastic, flyers, stubs, organic waste and wipes thrown in the grass. But this is not the umpteenth… Read More »Be praised, my Lord, through our sister Hypocrisy

The crisis of modernity from permanent liminality to limivoid: an interview with Prof. Bjørn Thomassen

How anthropology and the study of rites of passage can explain this globalized modernity and its crisis in dealing with limits according to the anthropologist, professor at Roskilde University and founding editor-in-chief of the academic journal International Political Anthropology Bjørn Thomassen. During the Symposium, when you were discussing the genealogy… Read More »The crisis of modernity from permanent liminality to limivoid: an interview with Prof. Bjørn Thomassen


The (in)visible life story of a Romani boy who rebels against its marginal condition   We are surrounded by an invisible, massive tide of the so-called “vuoti a perdere”, nonpersons that Maria Matteo describes as people who do not deserve this definition, condemned since their birth to be eliminated fast… Read More »BY DINT OF BEING WIND:

Global greening

According to a recent research, mapping tree density at the global level, there are 3.04 trillion trees covering 87% of ice-free land on Earth, with a ration of trees-to-people of 422:1. The mainstream opinion about climate change claims that the vegetation on the planet has been reduced by human activity and it is true… Read More »Global greening

The niche of words: Ubuntu

“A  person  is  a  person  through  other  people’  strikes  an  affirmation  of  ones  humanity  through  recognition  of  an  other  in  his  or  her  uniqueness  and  difference.  It  is  a  demand  for  a  creative  intersubjective  formation  in  which  the other͛  becomes  a  mirror  (but  only  a  mirror)  for  my  subjectivity.  This … Read More »The niche of words: Ubuntu

Towards “El Mundo Feliz del Futuro”: an interview with César Emilio Valdivieso París

Towards the development of a virtual model of sustainable and self-sufficient welfare society to transform the real world: a discussion rich of suggestions and ideas by César Emilio Valdivieso París, a Venezuelan professor, creator of the project “El Mundo Feliz del Futuro” and first commenter of our blog. As your… Read More »Towards “El Mundo Feliz del Futuro”: an interview with César Emilio Valdivieso París

The niche of words: Shibumi

“Shibumi, sir?” Nicholai knew the word, but only as it applied to gardens or architecture, where it connoted an understated beauty. “How are you using the term, sir?” “Oh, vaguely. And incorrectly, I suspect. A blundering attempt to describe an ineffable quality. As you know, shibumi has to do with… Read More »The niche of words: Shibumi

Broaden our horizons serendipitously and systematically

Many intellectuals claim that our world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the increasing interconnectedness created by globalisation and technological improvement. At the same time, however, also our perception of reality is getting smaller and more individualistic, as if we were living in isolated bubbles. These are created mainly by the media, which filter, manipulate and selectthe information we obtain, taking… Read More »Broaden our horizons serendipitously and systematically

The niche of words: Euneirophrenia

“I wake up and I start the journey of the day, I walk away from the quotidian path in order to go towards a new dream. As a traveller without baggage and ticket, I travel on foot, by boat, by train. I get down at an unknown station and I… Read More »The niche of words: Euneirophrenia

Different recipes for a common overheated world: an interview with Prof. Thomas Hylland Eriksen

A world out of control, accelerated and overheated: an analysis of contemporary issues from migration to populism and some possible solutions by the anthropologist, professor at the University of Oslo and president of the EASA Thomas Hylland Eriksen. 1. “We are all in the same boat, divided by a shared… Read More »Different recipes for a common overheated world: an interview with Prof. Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Lean Forward Again

Wandering ideas across evictions, migrations and Erri De Luca’s stories. It was 7 o’clock in the morning when the police came to evict a family made up of a mother and her three sons from an occupied abandoned basement in the Quarticciolo neighborhood of Rome, derogating from the law that prohibits to… Read More »Lean Forward Again

The niche of words: Soliphilia

The word soliphilia, from the French solidaire (interdependent), the Latin solidus (solid or whole) and the Greek philia (fondness in the form of love of fellow citizens and neighbors), is a concept belonging to a list of words created by the sustainability professor Glenn Albrecht to create psychoterratic connections between… Read More »The niche of words: Soliphilia

A hope for a change: an interview with Mark Hertsgaard

In one of the Global Conversations hosted by our course, we have had the pleasure of attending a two-day conference led by an esteemed guest: Mark Hertsgaard. He is a father, author, journalist, broadcaster , public speaker and has published seven books that have been translated into sixteen languages. Moreover,… Read More »A hope for a change: an interview with Mark Hertsgaard

In the mirror of Romani culture

“To know ourselves we have to know Others, who act as the mirror in which we see ourselves reflected” wrote the reporter Kapuściński in “The Other”. There are few cultures that are still in a strong and dynamic relationship with Others as the gypsy one. The Romani minority represent one… Read More »In the mirror of Romani culture

Active abstentionism: an oxymoron?

An alternative angle of analysis about the results of the Italian general elections.   March 4, 2018 – 73% of the Italian voters participated in the general election, to renew the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate for the XVIII legislature, in which no party exceeded the 32.6% of votes… Read More »Active abstentionism: an oxymoron?