Flaminia Galeoni

“Life is getting your hands dirty with ink and filling in the blank space of the soul with words” I was born in September 1999, in Rome. Here I attended the Liceo Classico, where I improved my passion for writing and journalism. To describe myself I would use three words: stubborn, dreamer and curious. Books, art and traveling are the keywords of my life.

Neuro-aesthetic: the marriage of Art to Science

The human brain is one of the most complex and charming masterpieces of all times and, for this reason, it is also the most mysterious and inscrutable one. The web of its neurotransmitters is similar to a work of art, a canvas created by the chaotic genius of Pollock, and… Read More »Neuro-aesthetic: the marriage of Art to Science


In a world of screens and social media, books seem something old, coming from a remote century. iPads, tablets and Kindles have quickly replaced paper books, making them too heavy and bulky for our new frenetic society. In the past decade statistics showed a big crisis of the publishing industry,… Read More »#bookstagram

Taiwan: the non-existing island

Historical Introduction Taiwan political status has been a controversial matter since the end of the 19thCentury, when the island passed under Japanese dominion after the First Sino-Japanese War; only at the end of the Second World War, Taiwan returned to be a Chinese possession. Taiwan became the stage of the political… Read More »Taiwan: the non-existing island

An unbreakable dipole – The controversial relations between Libya and Italy

Introduction According to physics a dipole is “a pair of equal and oppositely charged poles separated by a distance”, and there is no better definition for Libya and Italy. Since the early beginning of the 20th Century, the fates of these completely opposite countries have been strongly bonded one to… Read More »An unbreakable dipole – The controversial relations between Libya and Italy

The (im)mortality of art

Art makes populations immortal. Art is something that speaks words, by staying silent through the passage of centuries. The great monuments of all countries are like big and wise men, that perpetuate history thanks to their existence. They are symbols, priceless masterpieces. But, despite having the capacity to make things… Read More »The (im)mortality of art

When a spray can becomes a brush

Graffiti. Everyone knows what that word means. They are those strange, and often ugly, paintings and words scribbled all over the buildings of the big cities. Cursing, gangs’ names, insults. Low-level paint coming out from a dirty spray can. People look at them frowning, thinking that graffiti are the mark… Read More »When a spray can becomes a brush


The theatre room becomes dark and the projector behind us makes the movie begin. The pictures start flowing in front of our eyes full of colours, noises and faces. We find ourselves completely captured by the spider web that has been created by the director and his actors in a… Read More »Cine-freedom

Guilt and shame

“If you behave in this way, you are going to be punished”. “Do this thing, and you will end up in jail”. Or “If you don’t behave in this way, you are going to be forgotten”. “Do this thing, and everyone will hate you”.   These are four threats and… Read More »Guilt and shame

Am I dreaming, or am I awake?

William Shakespeare. Famous poet, a genius of the Elizabethan theater, a pillar of the human cultural history, a hopeless and romantic dreamer. Usually dreams are just a sweet and nebulous parenthesis that inhabits the night, something to think about with a smile as soon as we awake in the morning… Read More »Am I dreaming, or am I awake?

Ode to Black

“Black is not sad. Bright colours are what depresses me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.” (Ann Demeulemeester) Black. Black as death, as the plague that destroyed Europe in 1300, as the colour of loss, of funerals,… Read More »Ode to Black

This article has been censored

Art has no rules, no boundaries. It cannot be controlled or chained. Art is part of a hidden world, it comes from another universe, different from the real one. Artists are just the way through which art can reach people. Its freedom should not be blamed or questioned, and everyone must be aware… Read More »This article has been censored