A conversation with Antonio Cerasa Love has always been the most debatable topic since the first primitive man looked at a woman in a new way; reproduction was not the first need anymore, the desire of a family was the new aim. “Problems” arose for every single individual since theRead More →

A conversation with Sebastiano Caputo Every day, GG students is looking for his or her path in life: anxiety and indecision are parents of students and there is need to meet someone who has changed his life against all expectations. Sebastiano Caputo is a journalist and reporter, he was bornRead More →

A conversation with Raphael Lambert Property is one of the most discussed issues of our time: it is not possible to deal with this important issue without knowing the ancient roots of the term. GG students have done an amazing journey throughout property’s history from John Locke theories and theRead More →

A conversation with Cristina Cricca GG students have had the pleasure to listen to an interesting discussion about the importance of choices in life. Mrs. Cristina Cricca can be considered as the perfect example of the success of rapid changes in life: she came from a totally different background withRead More →

A conversation with Nicolò Sartori The numerous implications of the energy sector and global challenges for renewables energies have been the main topics of the meeting. The added value given to this conversation has been given to the guest’s global perspective on the linkage between international relations and energy. EnergyRead More →

A conversation with Wolfango Platino. Nowadays, nuclear energy is a popular topic and everyone wants to give opinions about its dangers and properties that can offer to society; However, experts are the best models to take into consideration for a deeper analyses of the matter. GG students have had theRead More →

A conversation with Francesco Lotoro “Concentrationary music” is not an existent kind of music, even the adjective is not an official word, but it is used to promote an important concept: memory. Thanks to the experience and passion of Mr. Francesco Lotoro, GG students have had the possibility to listenRead More →