A conversation with Silvia Niccolai, Francis J. Mootz III and Leticia Sauced The United States is the perfect representation of the promised land, an open country as a melting pot of opportunities for everyone. The two guests of this Global Conversation have explored the roots of US immigration policies inRead More →

A conversation with Enrico Giovannini In the last decade, sustainable development has quickly caught on various areas of politics, economy and social issues. In this difficult period for all the countries of the world, a new idea to change the actual status quo is needed and sustainability can trigger theRead More →

A conversation with Umberto Vattani In this volatile and difficult world full of technology, it is increasingly complex having a proper dialogue; it is easier chatting on social media with a text instead of real words. Interpersonal relationships are changing and so international challenges can be fought with new instruments.Read More →

 In this difficult period, where the global health system seems to be compromised, all the fundamental liberties of men are put into discussion; Privacy is an example of them. When insecurities govern these challenging times, nothing is sure and our certainties collapse. COVID-19 is the most beautiful portrait of aRead More →

A conversation with Tiziana dell’Orto “Create your opportunity, decide and take it without forgetting your purpose!! ”   These words were the starting point of a very “special” global conversation which did not take place in our wonderful University because of the difficult situation in which our country is living.Read More →

A conversation with Sebastiano Caputo Every day, GG students is looking for his or her path in life: anxiety and indecision are parents of students and there is need to meet someone who has changed his life against all expectations. Sebastiano Caputo is a journalist and reporter, he was bornRead More →