Francesca Virzì

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.“ Carol Burnet Energy, determination and happiness are three simple words that can describe me. I love travelling and discover new things. Art is the main inspiration of my life and I have fear of everything. I can speak spanish, french and english. I love helping people and the protection of environment is my biggest awareness.

Digital disruption

A conversation with Riccardo Campione In this last Global Conversation, Global Governance has surprised GG students with an amazing guest who has engaged every person in the virtual room. What a better way to end a difficult year where new challenges, anxiety and opportunities came up to test the unity… Read More »Digital disruption

Purpose-Driven Leadership

A conversation with Rhoda Lane O’Kell In a dynamic and volatile world, where things change every minute, a point of reference for business is leadership: the mission and vision of a company needs to be clear and visible to the whole team of workers. Leaders need also to face a… Read More »Purpose-Driven Leadership