Francesca Virzì

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.“ Carol Burnet Energy, determination and happiness are three simple words that can describe me. I love travelling and discover new things. Art is the main inspiration of my life and I have fear of everything. I can speak spanish, french and english. I love helping people and the protection of environment is my biggest awareness.

“Think outside the bomb”

A conversation with Wolfango Platino. Nowadays, nuclear energy is a popular topic and everyone wants to give opinions about its dangers and properties that can offer to society; However, experts are the best models to take into consideration for a deeper analyses of the matter. GG students have had the… Read More »“Think outside the bomb”

The rhythm of freedom

A conversation with Francesco Lotoro “Concentrationary music” is not an existent kind of music, even the adjective is not an official word, but it is used to promote an important concept: memory. Thanks to the experience and passion of Mr. Francesco Lotoro, GG students have had the possibility to listen… Read More »The rhythm of freedom

Diplomacy Festival: Ambassador of Germany to Italy.

10thEDITION OF DIPLOMACY FESTIVAL: Ambassador of Germany to Italy. #Diplomacy19 17-10-19 The beginning of the Diplomacy Festival has been signed by an interesting meeting with the German Ambassador H.E. Viktor Elbling; Cooperation and multilateralism were the most important topics of the day, in particular the future of markets and social… Read More »Diplomacy Festival: Ambassador of Germany to Italy.

A new sunshine rises: Agrifood in Morocco and new dreams for the population

Topic: Agrifood, Morocco   The starting point of a wider view on a new transformation for Africa and its population is located directly into everyday meals; Even the smallest grain of wheat can make the difference. The sustainable agriculture represents a big step forward in agrifood terms. Morocco is located… Read More »A new sunshine rises: Agrifood in Morocco and new dreams for the population

Environmental statistics: data, GDP and numbers

A conversation with Carlo Giupponi The importance of interdisciplinary is fundamental in Global Governance B.A course but also relevant for a deep understanding of world, global changes and sustainability. Thanks to the conversation with Mr. Carlo Giupponi, GG students have had the opportunity to share reflections on climate change and… Read More »Environmental statistics: data, GDP and numbers

The ocean inside us

A conversation with Mrs. Joytishna Jit A world have been open up about the legal perspective of water and “invisible boundaries” of the sea. GG students have discovered a new land to explore thanks to Mrs. Joytishna Jit. She is responsible for lots of policy development projects in collaboration with… Read More »The ocean inside us

A new era for South Asia: goals and challenges.

A conversation with Nadeem Riyaz The first Global Conversation of the year has always a huge amount of happiness and hope for a change in the world. Global Governance students could not imagine a better way to start this new year thanks to the presence of the Ambassador of Pakistan,… Read More »A new era for South Asia: goals and challenges.

Spain and the Crisis

A conversation with Jordi Vaquer Fanès After the crisis happened in 2008, the “New Normal Spain” does not fit anymore in global standards as a rich and dynamic country. (unemployment from 8% to 26%) Spain’s politics in a European context, is a wide puzzle, a complex system that mirrors the… Read More »Spain and the Crisis

The life of an Ambassador

A conversation with Belgium Ambassador Frank Carruet Nowadays, International relations are so difficult to hang. Every country is different and it has multiple needs from a social and economic point of view. In order to maintain peaceful and smart relations with the world, the respect for the country that is located… Read More »The life of an Ambassador

The Voyage of the Damned

A conversation with Andrew Halper Since the most ancient ages, the history of refugees has been critical and sometimes impossible to manage. Thanks to a special guest, we have explored the fundamental past events about the first refugees that needed help for having escaped a difficult and tragic condition from… Read More »The Voyage of the Damned

Active science

A conversation with Robert Robinson Science and technology represent the future for human beings. There is the need to find new sustainable energies and change the way people live in order to guarantee the survival for the future generations. According to Robert Robinson, an active participation of the population on… Read More »Active science

Science: with and for the society

A conversation with Vittorio Colizzi In a complex system is fundamental to study, know and analyse the predominant diseases in order to find remedies and cultural backgrounds on them. The reality has to be “touched” and we don’t have to fear it. The touched topics of this conversation were so… Read More »Science: with and for the society

Hezbollah, the reality behind it.

A conversation with Marina Calculli GG students have made an interesting international trip in middle eastern studies thanks to a proposal at the “Universiteit Leiden” (The Netherlands) and the explanation of her research. She focused her work on “Hezbollah, the Lebanese State and the International Community “. She focused on the… Read More »Hezbollah, the reality behind it.

Change for all, change for you!!

A conversation with Thomas Hylland Eriksen Nowadays seems that Climate change is a complex problem without a practical resolution. Everyone speaks about it: schools, governments, States and mass media but anyone can find a way to solve the problem and to convince human beings to act. Humans need another point of… Read More »Change for all, change for you!!

Don’t fear the fake!

A conversation with Paolo Cesarini The limit between truth and lies is thin and invisible. It can be a playroom for everyone who wants to change reality or simply create chaos with simple actions. Thanks to a special guest, we have gotten several insights on how to understand and recognize… Read More »Don’t fear the fake!

Behind the reality

A conversation with Francesca Sbardella “Toujours l’existence palpite et fait entendre sa rumeur…” .David Le Breton  Physical and symbolic dimension can’t be separated by humans. Life is a mixture of multifaceted experiences and feelings but individuals sometimes are not able to perceive them because their minds are full of thoughts… Read More »Behind the reality

Think different, act positive!

A conversation with Cesar Rudnicki On January the 9th, we had the pleasure to host an extraordinary guest, Cezary Rudnicki, who showed us a new perspective on the issues of the 21st century. He is a research worker at the Department of Social Though and European Solidarity Centre;  he has… Read More »Think different, act positive!

Make the Global Popular!

A conversation with Federico Bianchi The ancient conception of “international relations” among countries, diplomatic issues concerning the foreign policy, peace conferences during the world wars or Napoleonic conferences through the States … it’s all over now. The revolution it’s just right around the corner! On the 23rd of October we… Read More »Make the Global Popular!

“Darkness doesn’t exist if you have light in your soul”

A conversation with Hajia Najatu Mohammed Ignorance, weapons, war, hunger. These are considered keywords when talking about Africa, a continent which needs help. However, this wonderful country can’t be only described by these sad words. Indeed, this is a land full of perspectives, action, energy and courage. All of these characteristics… Read More »“Darkness doesn’t exist if you have light in your soul”