Francesca Virzì

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.“ Carol Burnet Energy, determination and happiness are three simple words that can describe me. I love travelling and discover new things. Art is the main inspiration of my life and I have fear of everything. I can speak spanish, french and english. I love helping people and the protection of environment is my biggest awareness.

“Impression or Reflection?”

A conversation with Prof. Stefano Mastandrea “The beauty of art will save us”. Lots of intellectuals and artists had explained this concept in their works, sculptures, and paintings. It is important to underline the relevance of art and the multiplicity of points of view through which we can understand the… Read More »“Impression or Reflection?”

“Let’s talk about us!“

A conversation with former Ambassador Murat Salim Esenli Turkey is a nation full of history, nature and culture. As the web never fails to remind us, however, the nation is currently facing a particularly hard time. On October 25th,  we – as Global Governance students – had the opportunity to host… Read More »“Let’s talk about us!“

What’s going on? Great risks, Great challenges.

A conversation with Prof. Juan Carlos De Martin We are living in a complex historical period where social media era and the “Internet Age” are speeding up our actions and opinions; we have to face a lot of different challenges every moment and for this reason, we need the best… Read More »What’s going on? Great risks, Great challenges.