On 10th of January, Professor Giulia Costa, Environmental Quality Control teacher to the Global Governance third-year students, organized a visit to the Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment Plant of Malogrotta. Located in the Galleria Valley, Western Rome, the Malogrotta landfill is the largest municipal solid waste site in Europe surrounded byRead More →

In the beautiful setting of Villa Mondragone, during the second interdisciplinary Global Symposium, we had the occasion to interview Mr. Guido Corbò, a former lecturer of General Physics in Rome University “Sapienza” and theoretical physicist working in field theory and high energy physics, particularly known for his contribution in quantum chromodynamics.Read More →

Mark Robbins’s intervention at the second Global Governance Symposium on July 11th gave a taste of the concept of “boundaries” from an architectural, educational and sociological point of view. As he states, the space we inhabit says much about ourselves, we use symbols and therefore architecture represents and embodies theRead More →

The 2nd interdisciplinary Global Governance symposium was held on 11th July 2018 at it’s beautiful Villa Mondragone with professors, guest speaker and students from all years of Global Governance. The symposium focused on boundaries and Resilience. Dr. Leonardo Emberti Gialloreti was a guest speaker at the symposium and we hadRead More →

Simin Davoudi is a renowned Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, and the director of Global Urban Research Unit (GURU) at the Newcastle University. She has served in many prestigious roles some of them include, expert advisor for the United Kingdom government and leading the office of deputy prime minister’s PlanningRead More →

Tony Bovaird worked in the UK Civil Service and several universities before moving back to the University of Birmingham in 2006. He was a member of the OECD e-Governance Task Force, chaired the Evaluation Partnership set up by the UK government to coordinate the evaluation of the Local Government ModernizationRead More →

Professor Sara Silvestri, Senior Lecturer at the City, University of London, and Bye-Fellow at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, was invited to the 2nd Interdisciplinary Global Governance Symposium, which took place in Villa Mondragone, Frascati, on the 11th of July. Being welcomed to elaborate on the theme of Boundaries, Prof. Silvestri focusedRead More →

On the 11th of July 2018, the second interdisciplinary Global Governance Symposium was held at the beautiful Villa Mondragone. The two keywords of the event were boundaries and resilience; experts from different academic disciplines came to present their vision and debate about it, giving us students a taste of the trueRead More →

The debates concerning the Islamic culture have been a trending topic not only in politics but also when analyzing social-economic aspects within the nations, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, where it is possible to find an Islam prevalence. The opportunity to engage in an interesting discussion about this subject ledRead More →

 On the 11th of April, Professor Pasquale Scaramozzino held a Global Conversation in the Economics Faculty of Tor Vergata. He graduated from La Sapienza with a Laurea summa cum laude in Scienze Statistiche ed Economiche in 1984 and pursued his Ph.D. at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1990. TheRead More →