Lucrezia Vittoria Natale

Protecting Language Minorities: Europe’s Path and the Case of Italy

“The Republic safeguards linguistic minorities by means of appropriate measures”, states article 6 of the Italian constitution proposed by Tristano Codignola, ratified in 1947. Thanks to this article, linguistic heritage is protected in Italy.  The intention of the members of the Italian constituent assembly was to ensure the survival of… Read More »Protecting Language Minorities: Europe’s Path and the Case of Italy

Women in STEM

Marie Curie is one of the most famous scientists and physicists in history. She won the Nobel Prize in 1903 (alongside her husband Pierre Curie and Antoine Henri). At the time, it was, obviously, very hard for women to pursue  a career in sciences. Indeed, this has been the case… Read More »Women in STEM

Big Companies, Innovation and Sustainability 

Big Companies, Innovation and Sustainability  In our era, people are finally realising the impact their actions have on climate, the environment, and our planet in general. The World Health Organisation states that “according to current projections, droughts will strongly increase in frequency and intensity in the coming decades in large… Read More »Big Companies, Innovation and Sustainability 

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment How Women Can Get Top Jobs Are women treated differently than men in the workplace? Although the answer to this question for some is “no”, some shocking facts reveal the harsh truth about the way society undervalues women’s qualities and talents. Moreover, this prejudice inevitably leads to women… Read More »Women Empowerment