“It only seems impossible until it’s done.” Hi! My name is Martina Rolli and I’m 19 years old. I’m Italian but I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. Four years ago I moved to Geneva, Switzerland where I finished High School. While living abroad I got the chance to meet many people from different countries, I also discovered my passion for languages and writing.  That’s one of the main reasons why I chose to become a member of the Global Observer blog!

Why Every Kid Should Learn How To Sail

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an article that analyzed an articles’ point of view on the benefits of sailing while being a kid. It basically described the benefits of taking sailing lessons while being a young child and adolescent. This sport can help in many ways to form… Read More »Why Every Kid Should Learn How To Sail

Nature and its Impact on the Human Well-Being

Our natural environment is full of diversity and is multivariable; this is what makes it so special. The flora and fauna range from west to east having completely different semblances. Nature is fundamental not only for us human beings but also for the whole environment we live in. Without well-functioning… Read More »Nature and its Impact on the Human Well-Being

Human Beings and Art:

Artistic representations have always been part of our life and environment as human beings. Art is something that can be seen and interpreted in many different ways, shapes and forms. What is art for one person may not be art for another one; it is in this little detail that… Read More »Human Beings and Art:

How culture influences our lives

Culture has been part of our lives and communities since the day we were born. However, most of the times, this is not something that we acknowledge. Once we start thinking about it and analyze ourselves, only then we can start to perceive what culture exactly is. According to Wikipedia… Read More »How culture influences our lives

Public Diplomacy, Soft Power and Budget Restrictions

On the third day of the Diplomacy Festival, October 21st, a few students had the opportunity to go, visit and listen to a conference at the “Circolo Ministero degli Affari Esteri” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The conference was conducted by five talkers, each of them practicing in a different working… Read More »Public Diplomacy, Soft Power and Budget Restrictions

AICS: “Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development”

  AICS, “Italian Agency for cooperation and development”, is a public agency that overall promotes international development. The presentation held at the EXCO, an exhibition based on international cooperation, mainly focused on the law 125 that entered into force in August 2014. This law revolutionized the system of international cooperation… Read More »AICS: “Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development”

Africa’s Fashion and Textile Industry’s impact throughout the World

  What exactly is fashion, textile and clothing? Why has it become so important in our society nowadays? The most evident answer to this question is that fashion in general is a way of expression and externalization of our traditions and civilization. The way we dress and look tells us… Read More »Africa’s Fashion and Textile Industry’s impact throughout the World

“Save the children” on Human rights

Save the children is an association that was created in 1919. It is one of the largest International Independent Organizations that operates in more than 125 countries. Moreover, it is a non-governmental organization that focuses and intervenes in situations of emergencies and natural disasters. Save the Children does also operate… Read More »“Save the children” on Human rights

The Unknown World of the “Celiac Disease”:

The aim of this article is to raise awareness on food allergies and intolerances, in particular to the celiac disease. From the 11thto the 19thof May, the AIC association celebrates its 5thedition of the “national celiac week” (“Giornata Nazionale della Celiachia”). This event is based on sensitizing people on this… Read More »The Unknown World of the “Celiac Disease”:

Accademia Aeronautica: how two opposite realities somehow coexist

  This year, as every year, the first year students (GG1) had the pleasure to go and visit the “Accademia Aeronautica” in Pozzuoli. The infrastructure is located near the commune of Naples, in an incredible place called Pozzuoli, with a beautiful view of the sea and the three isles Capri,… Read More »Accademia Aeronautica: how two opposite realities somehow coexist

The value of time and memory according to Marcel Proust

Time management is something that is often taught professionally in classes or at universities. In fact, in the era that we live in, everything is running around the fact that we have tasks that need to be accomplished on a certain date and at a certain hour. Even though time… Read More »The value of time and memory according to Marcel Proust

Left-handedness vs. Right-handedness

Have you ever just randomly looked around in your class and observed people writing, taking notes or just using their hands? Well, I know I did it for sure. What I found particularly interesting is to see how someone would use their hands, in what occasion and whether he/she was… Read More »Left-handedness vs. Right-handedness

Calvinism: how Geneva became “the Rome” of the Protestantism

The doctrine of Calvinism derives from various reforms made by the French Jean Calvin during the 16th century. This religious belief is the expansion from what Martin Luther already started in 1517 in Germany, enlarging the protestant reform of Christianity. While Luther’s Protestantism spread in Germany and Scandinavia, Calvinism also… Read More »Calvinism: how Geneva became “the Rome” of the Protestantism

It’s all in your head!

  Have you ever thought why or what exactly makes you get up in the morning and start your day? Maybe it is the yummy breakfast you’ve been dreaming about all night…or maybe the excitement for the specific task that you need to master today. Well, it has for sure… Read More »It’s all in your head!

Bilingualism: A case study on code-switching

  We live in a world that changes faster than what we can imagine. Multiculturalism has an important place in our society nowadays. In most single countries, we can find people coming from all over the world. Maybe, then, we should ask ourselves what the importance of languages in our modern world is. Is it really that… Read More »Bilingualism: A case study on code-switching