Simon Muehlbauer

“If you do not like today’s world, make tomorrows” My name is Simon and I am from Germany. I always like to take on a new adventure, which is why I wanted to come to Global Governance and the Global Observer in the first place. I want to see the world and be a part of all the changes around us.

Silent Stereotypes

I come from a country, which was not considered as civilized until quite recently by most of the so-called Western World, who looked down upon my country with mere curiosity and maybe some interest. Not surprisingly, very close to my home there are still tribes in existence that collect and… Read More »Silent Stereotypes

The Paradox of fire

The greatest theft in the history of humankind is probably the one of fire. Before our modern beliefs, before Christianity and Islam, before science and evolution, we believed in a different mythology . In the Greek mythology, humankind was among the weakest creatures on earth. The world was ruled by… Read More »The Paradox of fire

The selfish Generation?  

I watched a movie yesterday evening and in it, someone suddenly said: “They call us the selfish generation “ I paused it for a moment and asked myself: Who is “us”, who are “they” and “why is a generation selfish? “. Since then I have been thinking about these questions.… Read More »The selfish Generation?  

Criminal Bankers?

Have you ever been robbed? Didi somebody ever come to you on the street, maybe late at night, grabbed your bag and ran away? Let us hope that that never happened, but imagine that it did. How much money do you think you would have lost? Probably 50$, maybe 100$?… Read More »Criminal Bankers?

Dividing and Uniting – German-French Relations in Europe

“Europe is an ambitious project, it is an active utopia, struggling to coalesce and consolidate the otherwise disconnected, multidirectional actions. How active that utopia will ultimately turn, depends on its actors.” (Zygmunt Bauman). Let us examine Europe and let us therefore look at this quote, that defines the European Union… Read More »Dividing and Uniting – German-French Relations in Europe

We all use plastic in our daily life. We drink out of plastic bottles. If we go camping, we might use plastic plates and on our Friday-night party we drink out of plastic cups. However, do we know what happens with it after we used it? Where does the plastic… Read More »