The road to a clean life starts with a clean home

In a world where everything is new, innovative, useful, fast and replaceable, it is difficult to appreciate the little things. Thanks to the growth of the offer,every day,new products come out, in order to fulfil the needs of a new, growing, and more demanding population.  It is in this new… Read More »The road to a clean life starts with a clean home

Vegan Burger or Fake Burger?

During these last two years, there has been a significant growth in the number of people who decide to switch their own way of eating from an omnivorous diet to a more vegetarian or, as it is called now, plant-based one. The latter represents the adoption of a new way… Read More »Vegan Burger or Fake Burger?

2020 American Elections. What is going on? 

Like every four years in the United States of America, this year during the month of November the American Presidential Elections will take place.  Elections are a very important event in American history and society in which every single citizen, with American citizenship, is called to vote. But how do… Read More »2020 American Elections. What is going on?