Bearing the brunt of the Cold War, The United States and the Soviet Union divided Korea into two sovereign states in 1948 with the border set at the 38th parallel. In the South, an export-led economic boom, industrialization, and technological advances created an enviably prosperous state. In the current world,Read More →

It is wrong to see today’s high inequality as the product of forces over which we have no control. – Anthony B. Atkison, Inequality.  The Fifteen Proposals for Social Justice is a report drafted by the Forum Disuguaglianze e Diversità  (1) – which coordinates the work of various organizations andRead More →

A conversation with Antonio Cerasa Love has always been the most debatable topic since the first primitive man looked at a woman in a new way; reproduction was not the first need anymore, the desire of a family was the new aim. “Problems” arose for every single individual since theRead More →

Surfing on internet, reading articles or just watching television is quite easy to get in touch with this kind of topic: “the richest man of the world”, this prestigious title seems to ping-pong between different people every few years, but nowadays’ giants like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates won’t comeRead More →

A conversation with Sebastiano Caputo Every day, GG students is looking for his or her path in life: anxiety and indecision are parents of students and there is need to meet someone who has changed his life against all expectations. Sebastiano Caputo is a journalist and reporter, he was bornRead More →

Artistic representations have always been part of our life and environment as human beings. Art is something that can be seen and interpreted in many different ways, shapes and forms. What is art for one person may not be art for another one; it is in this little detail thatRead More →

(Photo by Lindsey LaMont Stockholm, Sweden) I am pretty sure that you have heard that women nowadays have much more rights than that of 50 years ago, and I agree with this. Many facts and data prove the same! However, the conquest of many social spaces does not mean thatRead More →

A conversation with Raphael Lambert Property is one of the most discussed issues of our time: it is not possible to deal with this important issue without knowing the ancient roots of the term. GG students have done an amazing journey throughout property’s history from John Locke theories and theRead More →

In a world of screens and social media, books seem something old, coming from a remote century. iPads, tablets and Kindles have quickly replaced paper books, making them too heavy and bulky for our new frenetic society. In the past decade statistics showed a big crisis of the publishing industry,Read More →