Doctor Marta Maschio, Director of the Center for Epilepsy tumor-related of the IFO Regina Elena National Cancer Institute and Director of the Neuro-Oncology Section of the International School of Neurological Sciences in San Servolo, answers to some covid-related questions and gives us her scientific point to view on this pandemic.Read More →

 In this difficult period, where the global health system seems to be compromised, all the fundamental liberties of men are put into discussion; Privacy is an example of them. When insecurities govern these challenging times, nothing is sure and our certainties collapse. COVID-19 is the most beautiful portrait of aRead More →

The simple answer is no. But should you wear them? Absolutely   We have all probably heard this question a lot of times: in the news, from our family members, friends, entitled protectors of the freedom of movement and slavery constructivists (though in that case, the question would be followedRead More →