“Redefining notions and creating parallel dimensions of regularities and irregularities of life…What about it?” Kainz, Yuti. “Genius at Work”. 2016, Performance, approx. 6 hoursKunstuniversität Linz, Austria,  Fatma Nur Ozogul, WordPress https://fatmanurozogul.wordpress.com/portfolio/genius-at-work/ A nice Saturday morning, I got to meet with a valuable person from the past and had a conversationRead More →

The health crisis brought by COVID-19 is currently affecting 212 countries all over the world. Some of these countries, while facing the struggles and difficulties of this catastrophe, find themselves fighting for their human rights. Indeed, while trying to battle everything that has been going on, leaders of some specificRead More →


(Karahasan, Sefa. 2020 Ledra Protest. Unite Cyprus Now, DHA News Agency, 7 March 2020, https://www.facebook.com/unitecyprusnow/photos/a.1541251715886040/3053942934616903/?type=3&theater) Today we are flying off to a little island in the heart of the Mediterranean (Sea); which is as the rest of the world, also fighting with the “common enemy” in disguise as a virus.Read More →

What happened after the outbreak of COVID-19? Past March the 25th, nine European leaders from Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, and Luxembourg sent a request to the European Parliament asking for some funds aimed at restoring the economy after the coronavirus outbreak with hypothetical tools called “Coronabonds”.Read More →