The allegory of Good and Bad government is a series of three fresco panels, located in Siena’s Palazzo pubblico, more specifically in the Sala dei Nove (Salon of Nine), which was the council hall of the Republic of Siena’s nine executive magistrates. The fresco was painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti betweenRead More →

Culture has been part of our lives and communities since the day we were born. However, most of the times, this is not something that we acknowledge. Once we start thinking about it and analyze ourselves, only then we can start to perceive what culture exactly is. According to WikipediaRead More →

During my whole life I’ve never been in a place like Sihanoukville, and I’m not talking about anything positive. We are in Cambodia, surrounded by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The city is the one of the most important in here, because of the solid Chinese business invading literally any area.Read More →

And do we want to? Today, the average life expectancy is about 72 worldwide, but two hundred years ago, no country in the world could expect its population to live past 40. Technological and medical developments gave us the chance to live longer and healthier lives, and even though thatRead More →

The Voynich Manuscript, is the most mysterious Manuscript in the world. Its cryptic content has been studied for centuries but neither scientists, historians, palaeontologists and calligraphers have ever accomplished any results. On the 14 October 2019, in occasion of the donation of the Manuscript’s copy by Yale University to VillaRead More →

For some time now, information mediated through imagery, primarily photographs, has been a fellow chief instructor (the other being literature) of our moral imagination and our perception of distant, clandestine experiences. One thinks of conflicts, controversy or atrocities, with the subtle photographic displays of (what we have come to knowRead More →


Bearing the brunt of the Cold War, The United States and the Soviet Union divided Korea into two sovereign states in 1948 with the border set at the 38th parallel. In the South, an export-led economic boom, industrialization, and technological advances created an enviably prosperous state. In the current world,Read More →

Do people have an evolved predisposition to kill members of other social groups? Do they have an inner predisposition to violence? In other words, are we born to fight? An incredible Christmas miracle could let us think about the answer. 1914, Ypres, Belgium, Christmas Eve. “Come out, English soldier; comeRead More →

«Limelight» by Charlie Chaplin “there’s something just as inevitable as death, and that’s life.” Limelight is a film written, produced, directed by, and starring Charlie Chaplin, based on a novella written by Chaplin entitled “Footlights” It can be considered Chaplin’s most personal film, and his farawell, even if it isRead More →

I come from a country, which was not considered as civilized until quite recently by most of the so-called Western World, who looked down upon my country with mere curiosity and maybe some interest. Not surprisingly, very close to my home there are still tribes in existence that collect andRead More →