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Green Markets, Trust and Regulation

Environmental concerns among consumers are growing everyday, boosting the demand for a faster green transformation of the economy. However, imperfect information and misleading claims can generate confusion and distrust, jeopardizing the success of the green transition. The aim of this article is to show what can be done about it, both at an individual and institutional level, in order to spread clear information and build trust in the green markets.

Blockchain: The fundamentals

Before I dwell into the specifics, I plan to provide my readers with insights on certain fundamental aspects that I consider essential to understand this topic.

To begin with, one needs to understand what a blockchain is. In my words, I would define blockchain as a digital method of recording information in a way making it nearly impossible to hack or cheat the system.

According to Oxford, blockchain is defined as a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. Perhaps the concept of blockchain would go way beyond this notion, and that its characteristic as a foundation for cryptocurrency is just one of the many features that have been explored by blockchain analysts.

This article aims to let the readers have a basic knowledge on blockchain, how it works, how it affects peer to peer lending, and how it is disrupting the traditional financial transaction sectors.

How does this work?

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The instruments for a post-covid Europe: funds for resilience and sustainability

Since March 2020, Covid-19 Pandemic has been damaging many aspects of our society. The economic sector is for sure one of the fields that suffered the most from the overall crisis. This is especially due to the multiple lockdowns undertaken by countries to limit the propagation of the virus, which… Read More »The instruments for a post-covid Europe: funds for resilience and sustainability