BLACK NOVEMBER “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday” and “Single Day” are events dedicated to shopping lovers from all over the world. Both online and offline,they are days in which people around the world queue physically or virtually to grab the best deals on the market. Not even Covid-19 has stopped this… Read More »FROM BLACK TO GREEN FRIDAY: A NECESSARY TRANSACTION

Covid-Vaccines, let’s clear up some doubts!

  The holy grail of medical research in 2020 is finally here. Pharmaceutical companies have apparently developed an effective vaccine against Covid; this is a great result showing the wonders of modern medicine. But all the hope and joy that such an event was seeming to bring have been replaced… Read More »Covid-Vaccines, let’s clear up some doubts!

Democratic Representation, Italy’s new dilemma

When analysing the modern democratic state, one of the most important things to take into consideration is representation. Democracies’ basic concept is the representation of the needs of the many in the legislative body through an elected elite of people which should reflect as much as possible the general population.… Read More »Democratic Representation, Italy’s new dilemma


Credit: Reuters An earthquake, several airstrikes, and a nuclear bomb. That’s what came up in a Beirut resident’s mind on Tuesday 4th August, when a devastating explosion at the city’s main port brought destruction to the Lebanese capital, killing at least 200 people and wounding 7000. The blast’s cause can… Read More »INSIDE BEIRUT EXPLOSION AND THE INEVITABLE LEBANESE COLLAPSE

Big Tech and Oil Production, a new-found relationship

Big Tech Companies have always publicized themselves as fierce opponents of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. They often associate themselves with climate activism and, during panels and conferences their “Green” Initiatives are always presented to the public to remind us their concern for the environment. While all of this is… Read More »Big Tech and Oil Production, a new-found relationship

The consequences of the Gulf War and the effects of the economic sanctions on Iraq

The purpose of this article is to analyze the socio-economic effects of the sanctions imposed on the Iraqi population after the invasion of Kuwait and the consequent war. This analysis will focus on the humanitarian consequences of the sanctions on a country destroyed by bombing, suffocated by an unlimited and… Read More »The consequences of the Gulf War and the effects of the economic sanctions on Iraq

The Economic Man is Dead and We Have Killed Him, You and I!

His portrait is painted in words and equations, not in pictures, if it were to be drawn, however, he would have to look something like this: standing alone, money in hand, calculator in head, and ego in heart. (Raworth, 2017) The Death of God (1) by Friedrich Nietzsche is one… Read More »The Economic Man is Dead and We Have Killed Him, You and I!


During my whole life I’ve never been in a place like Sihanoukville, and I’m not talking about anything positive. We are in Cambodia, surrounded by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The city is the one of the most important in here, because of the solid Chinese business invading literally any area.… Read More »TRAVEL BITES: SIHANOUKVILLE AND THE RAISING CHINESE POWER

Public Diplomacy, Soft Power and Budget Restrictions

On the third day of the Diplomacy Festival, October 21st, a few students had the opportunity to go, visit and listen to a conference at the “Circolo Ministero degli Affari Esteri” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The conference was conducted by five talkers, each of them practicing in a different working… Read More »Public Diplomacy, Soft Power and Budget Restrictions

How investments from private companies can foster stability and prosperity for Africa and Europe

From the International Cooperation Expo 2019 – in collaboration with Fondazione Aurora:   We are aware that official development assistance is not enough, the private sector should play an important role on pursuing the goals of Agenda 2030.   How should we envisage the role of private investment in fostering… Read More »How investments from private companies can foster stability and prosperity for Africa and Europe

The madness of markets – a story of human insanity

What is insanity? Insanity is doing something over and over again, while expecting a different outcome. The world economic crisis in 2007/08 came as a shock to everyone. Despite the fact that it happened before. The economy has seen several crisis, even before we had fancy words for all the… Read More »The madness of markets – a story of human insanity

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Three quick sport stories      Worldcup, Russia  The international football competition that took place in Russia ended as a success for the country.  Indeed, beside the final result of the national team, Moscow proved to able to organize the event efficently creating a party atmosphere and giving to tourists and supporters and to the many journalists and televisions present there an image of an open and free country.  The spread fears before the start of the world cup concerned the Russian social environment that would have hosted what in the end is a celebration and carnival more than a football competition. But the recurring police’s violences and statal political and social repressions, things that Russians witness periodically, didn’t occur.  Once over the world cup however things come back to normality since the end of Kremlin’s effort.  A probable outcome of the competition’s organization success could be the reinforced grip over citizens of the government and the strenghtening of Putin’s regime. On the other side however the last month of international and party atmosphere, freedom and opennes that Russian people lived during the worldcup could lead to increasing popular pressure to improve the society.      Herzogenaurach, Germany Herzogenaurach is a city not so far from Nurimberg in Germany, that still today is divided in two.  The Aurach, the river that flows inside the city, represents the physical division of Herzogenaurach but the most important is the “ideological one“, the rivalry between the two opposite banks. From one side of the river there are the Adidas industries, on the opposite the Puma ones.  The two giants of the sport clothing are established in the same city and the rivalry characterized  the citizens‘ life divinding the population between those who dressed up Adidas and those who chose Puma (decision that most of the times depended mainly on which of the two companies you worked for) and the contacts between the two “factions” were unusual and also discouraged. It could sound like a story of antagonism between families as the Montague’s and the Capulet’s, and that in the end the difference is that the division was inside the same familiy. Indeed, the “Dassler Schuhfabrik”, namely “Dassler Shoes industries” was the company founded in 1924 by two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler.  As the firm grew bigger, the two brothers – after several fights and arguments – decided to split it in two different companies, Adolf created the Adidas (whose name comes from the nickname of the founder “Adi” and the intial letters of the surname “Das”) and Rudolf founded the Puma. … Read More »1, 2 & 3

Demonetization 2016: A stagnant point for the Indian economy and society

  Midnight, November 8, 2016. While the Americans were rejoicing or lamenting the victory of Donald Trump as president of the USA, India was fumbling with suddenly valueless pieces of paper, as the result of one of the boldest government move since the establishment of the Indian republic. Indeed, on… Read More »Demonetization 2016: A stagnant point for the Indian economy and society

Economic Growth and Democracy: Perspectives

There is an ongoing debate about whether democracy is a prerequisite for economic growth or vice versa, and today the circumstances today challenge the way the Western world has always perceived the issue. The end of the Cold War is seen as a victory of the Western society and their values of neo-liberal… Read More »Economic Growth and Democracy: Perspectives