A conversation with Paolo Cesarini The limit between truth and lies is thin and invisible. It can be a playroom for everyone who wants to change reality or simply create chaos with simple actions. Thanks to a special guest, we have gotten several insights on how to understand and recognizeRead More →

It is late when I enter the half-empty Sala del Consiglio and look for a place: trying not to be noticed by the speaker, I unfortunately end up in the first row, just facing myself with the smiling face of Prof. Fabio Zanzotto. I humbly sit down and try toRead More →

A conversation with Francesca Sbardella “Toujours l’existence palpite et fait entendre sa rumeur…” .David Le Breton  Physical and symbolic dimension can’t be separated by humans. Life is a mixture of multifaceted experiences and feelings but individuals sometimes are not able to perceive them because their minds are full of thoughtsRead More →

A conversation with Cesar Rudnicki On January the 9th, we had the pleasure to host an extraordinary guest, Cezary Rudnicki, who showed us a new perspective on the issues of the 21st century. He is a research worker at the Department of Social Though and European Solidarity Centre;  he hasRead More →

A conversation with Federico Bianchi The ancient conception of “international relations” among countries, diplomatic issues concerning the foreign policy, peace conferences during the world wars or Napoleonic conferences through the States … it’s all over now. The revolution it’s just right around the corner! On the 23rd of October weRead More →

A conversation with Prof. Stefano Mastandrea “The beauty of art will save us”. Lots of intellectuals and artists had explained this concept in their works, sculptures, and paintings. It is important to underline the relevance of art and the multiplicity of points of view through which we can understand theRead More →

A conversation with former Ambassador Murat Salim Esenli Turkey is a nation full of history, nature and culture. As the web never fails to remind us, however, the nation is currently facing a particularly hard time. On October 25th,  we – as Global Governance students – had the opportunity to hostRead More →