GG Conversations

Digital disruption

A conversation with Riccardo Campione In this last Global Conversation, Global Governance has surprised GG students with an amazing guest who has engaged every person in the virtual room. What a better way to end a difficult year where new challenges, anxiety and opportunities came up to test the unity… Read More »Digital disruption

Purpose-Driven Leadership

A conversation with Rhoda Lane O’Kell In a dynamic and volatile world, where things change every minute, a point of reference for business is leadership: the mission and vision of a company needs to be clear and visible to the whole team of workers. Leaders need also to face a… Read More »Purpose-Driven Leadership

What the tech?!

A conversation with Tommaso Valletti The focus of the meeting was linked with Mr. Tommaso Valletti’s reflections on in the last few years as an economist: he studied the last developments in the world about economics, policies and technology. The importance of data and his research to gain and study… Read More »What the tech?!

A new business model: SDGs and new forms of capital

A conversation with Maurizio Zollo Nowadays, sustainability is spreading its influence in different fields of everyday life. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is changing the job market, priorities of companies, and how governance can act to link global challenges to human ones. Business is switching from its traditional form,… Read More »A new business model: SDGs and new forms of capital

Be our Guest!

A conversation with Silvia Niccolai, Francis J. Mootz III and Leticia Sauced The United States is the perfect representation of the promised land, an open country as a melting pot of opportunities for everyone. The two guests of this Global Conversation have explored the roots of US immigration policies in… Read More »Be our Guest!

Future as a wild card

A conversation with Jordi Vaque In the windy morning of Wednesday, 13th of May 2020,  GG students have had the wonderful possibility to share ideas with a very special guest, Jordi Vaquer. At the very beginning of the event, two students from the first and the second year have conferred… Read More »Future as a wild card

How vital is it to switch to sustainable development during COVID-19?

A conversation with Enrico Giovannini In the last decade, sustainable development has quickly caught on various areas of politics, economy and social issues. In this difficult period for all the countries of the world, a new idea to change the actual status quo is needed and sustainability can trigger the… Read More »How vital is it to switch to sustainable development during COVID-19?

Diplomacy and the new world

A conversation with Umberto Vattani In this volatile and difficult world full of technology, it is increasingly complex having a proper dialogue; it is easier chatting on social media with a text instead of real words. Interpersonal relationships are changing and so international challenges can be fought with new instruments.… Read More »Diplomacy and the new world

A new way to see reality

A conversation with Andrew Bastawrou It was possible to breath interest and energy among GG students while the guest was telling his story about himself and his life. He started from a world report on vision and who needs a pair of glasses, underlining the immense power of a pair… Read More »A new way to see reality

A journalist in Syria

A conversation with Sebastiano Caputo Every day, GG students is looking for his or her path in life: anxiety and indecision are parents of students and there is need to meet someone who has changed his life against all expectations. Sebastiano Caputo is a journalist and reporter, he was born… Read More »A journalist in Syria

Future is waiting for us !

A conversation with Cristina Cricca GG students have had the pleasure to listen to an interesting discussion about the importance of choices in life. Mrs. Cristina Cricca can be considered as the perfect example of the success of rapid changes in life: she came from a totally different background with… Read More »Future is waiting for us !

New opportunities and Challenges: a new face of energy sector.

A conversation with Nicolò Sartori The numerous implications of the energy sector and global challenges for renewables energies have been the main topics of the meeting. The added value given to this conversation has been given to the guest’s global perspective on the linkage between international relations and energy. Energy… Read More »New opportunities and Challenges: a new face of energy sector.

Latest developments with Iran’s domestic and foreign policy

A conversation with Mr. Zimmt Raz GG students have had a huge opportunity to enrich their knowledge about Middle East affairs, in particular the domestic and external challenges of Iran. The discussion has been so inspiring because the guest touched three main issues linked to the country: domestic challenges, the… Read More »Latest developments with Iran’s domestic and foreign policy