GG Conversations

Environmental statistics: data, GDP and numbers

A conversation with Carlo Giupponi The importance of interdisciplinary is fundamental in Global Governance B.A course but also relevant for a deep understanding of world, global changes and sustainability. Thanks to the conversation with Mr. Carlo Giupponi, GG students have had the opportunity to share reflections on climate change and… Read More »Environmental statistics: data, GDP and numbers

Hezbollah, the reality behind it.

A conversation with Marina Calculli GG students have made an interesting international trip in middle eastern studies thanks to a proposal at the “Universiteit Leiden” (The Netherlands) and the explanation of her research. She focused her work on “Hezbollah, the Lebanese State and the International Community “. She focused on the… Read More »Hezbollah, the reality behind it.

Make the Global Popular!

A conversation with Federico Bianchi The ancient conception of “international relations” among countries, diplomatic issues concerning the foreign policy, peace conferences during the world wars or Napoleonic conferences through the States … it’s all over now. The revolution it’s just right around the corner! On the 23rd of October we… Read More »Make the Global Popular!

Caporalato and Slavery in agriculture: towards an ethical industry

“What I lived on my skin during those days in Nardò was indescribable and changed my life forever.” For Yvan Sagnet, engineer and former agricultural picker from Cameroon, five days were enough to understand that behind the hell of the farmlands in Nardò (Lecce), were he had gone in the… Read More »Caporalato and Slavery in agriculture: towards an ethical industry

“Darkness doesn’t exist if you have light in your soul”

A conversation with Hajia Najatu Mohammed Ignorance, weapons, war, hunger. These are considered keywords when talking about Africa, a continent which needs help. However, this wonderful country can’t be only described by these sad words. Indeed, this is a land full of perspectives, action, energy and courage. All of these characteristics… Read More »“Darkness doesn’t exist if you have light in your soul”