When analysing the modern democratic state, one of the most important things to take into consideration is representation. Democracies’ basic concept is the representation of the needs of the many in the legislative body through an elected elite of people which should reflect as much as possible the general population.Read More →

  Belarus, a small state on the edge of Europe, rarely makes it to international headlines. However, starting August 9, astonishing hard-to-miss protests sparked in the country following the presidential election results. As in 2011 elections (and the ones earlier), opposition activists pointed out deliberate falsification of vote counts, whichRead More →

Introduction After centuries of exploitation and a relationship marked by asymmetries, to overcome the North-South dependence relation, the European Union has sought to shift this conception through translating development funds into security interests, upon supporting African-led security governance under the scope of the African Peace and Security Architecture, the cornerstoneRead More →

Credit: Reuters An earthquake, several airstrikes, and a nuclear bomb. That’s what came up in a Beirut resident’s mind on Tuesday 4th August, when a devastating explosion at the city’s main port brought destruction to the Lebanese capital, killing at least 200 people and wounding 7000. The blast’s cause canRead More →

From the Heart of Ancient Arabia to a Battlefield   “Humanitarian crisis in Yemen remains the worst in the world” – UN  Behind this statement, there is a whole world to discover and understand. The ongoing conflicts in Yemen, which are completely devastating the country especially in the last decade,Read More →

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one in all the world’s longest-running and most contentious conflicts. At this stage, much attention is paid to this conflict, since the unresolved nature of this conflict situation adversely affects the event of nations within the Mideast region. Since 1948, the year the state of Israel was formed, the conflict within the Mideast has not stopped, annually taking many lives. The shortage of a political settlement creates favorable conditions for brand spanking new clashes between the opponents, which affects the whole international situation. This conflict has repeatedly acted as a detonator within the development of the international situation as an entire…
…War is a very useful tool when you cannot get what you want in other ways. However, it has a very terrible feature: the war will begin when you want to begin, but it will not end when you want it to end.Read More →

Events started in various nations in the first half of 2011 with a list of uprisings and armed rebellions with people for the goal of democracy and better living standards, The “Arab Spring,” which encompassed mainly in Muslim countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and many others. The consequences ofRead More →

The terminology “Middle East” was given by Europeans after the First World War to the area between the “near East” and the “far East” – indicating India – based on a European view of the world.  Until the First World War, the Middle East comprehended fewer borders than the onesRead More →

When asked about when exactly the conflicts started many historians can’t give a specific date because of different opinions and visions that they have.Some say it started in 1948 when the Israel state was declared.Also opinions are being different if talking about what are the real motives of this war,isRead More →

Credit: Faiz Abu Rmeleh/Anadolu Agency The known murder of George Floyd by the hand of a Minneapolis police officer, occurred on May 25th 2020, shed light on systematic racism and frequent acts of violence against black people by members of the law enforcement in the USA. In fact, Floyd’s deathRead More →

INTRODUCTION The role of women in religion is a heavily debated topic, especially when related to the Islamic world and culture. There seems to be a common assumption, mostly shared in western society, that the Islamic woman is a submissive and passive one, incapable of making her own decisions andRead More →

The global pandemic has left a footprint on everyone’s life, challenging the concept of normality. However, some places on the map were shaken to their core, but not (only) due to the health-related concerns posed by the menacing virus. Hong Kong perfectly manages to sustain the COVID threat: as ofRead More →

On January 15, President Putin held an annual meeting with the Russian government, which is usually a quite unexciting event for both the parliament members and the general public. However, this year’s meeting was preceded with peculiar novelties: Russian media agencies speculated that the recording of the meeting would beRead More →