Green Markets, Trust and Regulation

Environmental concerns among consumers are growing everyday, boosting the demand for a faster green transformation of the economy. However, imperfect information and misleading claims can generate confusion and distrust, jeopardizing the success of the green transition. The aim of this article is to show what can be done about it, both at an individual and institutional level, in order to spread clear information and build trust in the green markets.


Credit: Reuters An earthquake, several airstrikes, and a nuclear bomb. That’s what came up in a Beirut resident’s mind on Tuesday 4th August, when a devastating explosion at the city’s main port brought destruction to the Lebanese capital, killing at least 200 people and wounding 7000. The blast’s cause can… Read More »INSIDE BEIRUT EXPLOSION AND THE INEVITABLE LEBANESE COLLAPSE

Kurdistan: an historical approach to understand the future

One of the most fascinating and deep cultures of the Middle Eastern area is the one belonging to the Kurdish tradition: a population with very ancient roots and a strong sense of identity, but who has a history made of continuous conquering attempts by the external powers coming from the… Read More »Kurdistan: an historical approach to understand the future

The Rise of Strongman Politics

In the article, “Why the world should be worried about the rise of strongman politics”, Tony Walker laments the rise of strongman politics throughout the world and the dangerous consequences of it. In light of subsequent developments around the world, he is of the opinion that the “macho” phenomenon, driven… Read More »The Rise of Strongman Politics

GG goes to the Malagrotta Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment Plant

On 10th of January, Professor Giulia Costa, Environmental Quality Control teacher to the Global Governance third-year students, organized a visit to the Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment Plant of Malogrotta. Located in the Galleria Valley, Western Rome, the Malogrotta landfill is the largest municipal solid waste site in Europe surrounded by… Read More »GG goes to the Malagrotta Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment Plant

Italians abroad: the nightmare of “brain drain”

Asked what he thought about the future of Italy, the ‘greatest’ journalist Indro Montanelli answered that “Italians will stand out, but Italy will not”. He believed Italians to be capable of shaping their own fortune elsewhere, and at the same time he feared Italy to be bound to fail as… Read More »Italians abroad: the nightmare of “brain drain”

The True Size of Africa

A while ago I joined a volunteering programme. We were about to leave our home country and go out in the world to spend a year in a foreign country. Yet, we did not know much about the country we were going to live in, nor about the communities. A… Read More »The True Size of Africa

The white swan

How ignoring the climate change is, and progressively will, upset life on Earth. An armed bomb, the issue The black swan has been through history, from Latins onwards, a metaphor for impossibility. Having none ever seen such animal, was commonly spread the idea that only white swans existed, until 1697… Read More »The white swan