We all want a nice place to live in. We all want a secure place. We all want to raise our children in a place where they can be happy and have a better future, as they deserve. To find out what this the better place to live in is,Read More →

A conversation with Nicolò Sartori The numerous implications of the energy sector and global challenges for renewables energies have been the main topics of the meeting. The added value given to this conversation has been given to the guest’s global perspective on the linkage between international relations and energy. EnergyRead More →

In the heart of the following lines will lie one of the most memorable and enriching experiences that I have got to be a part of this summer. It all happened in a country that is part of a continent of a very distinctive geographical space that is big enoughRead More →

Historical Introduction Taiwan political status has been a controversial matter since the end of the 19thCentury, when the island passed under Japanese dominion after the First Sino-Japanese War; only at the end of the Second World War, Taiwan returned to be a Chinese possession. Taiwan became the stage of the politicalRead More →

Never thought there could still be a vivid existing context where you can “feel “ the presence of the spirits of the world wars as if they were still inhabiting our world, and see everything they brought along in a social context where heterogeneity has given  rise to homogeneity ,Read More →

The Voynich Manuscript is the most mysterious manuscript in the world. Its cryptic content has been studied for centuries but neither scientists, historians, palaeontologists and calligraphers have ever accomplished any result. On the 14 October 2019, in occasion of the donation of the Manuscript’s copy by Yale University to VillaRead More →

Today, the average life expectancy is about 72 worldwide, but two hundred years ago, no country in the world could expect its population to live past 40. Technological and medical developments gave us the chance to live longer and healthier lives, and even thought that the maximum human life spanRead More →