Both disinformation and misinformation contribute to fake news, and both act a risk to brands and the public. Yet, the significant difference between the two lies in intent. Disinformation carries with it the conscious intent to disseminate information known to be incorrect. In opposition, the sender of misinformation may notRead More →

  Talking about human rights is nowadays an effective way of advocating for social justice globally. However, what are human rights? What do they do? Drawing on anthropological studies of human rights from around the globe, the novel analyzes human rights in training. It demonstrates how groups and organizations gatherRead More →

It is wrong to see today’s high inequality as the product of forces over which we have no control. – Anthony B. Atkison, Inequality.  The Fifteen Proposals for Social Justice is a report drafted by the Forum Disuguaglianze e Diversità  (1) – which coordinates the work of various organizations andRead More →

(Photo by Lindsey LaMont Stockholm, Sweden) I am pretty sure that you have heard that women nowadays have much more rights than that of 50 years ago, and I agree with this. Many facts and data prove the same! However, the conquest of many social spaces does not mean thatRead More →