Passion and Curiosity at the Service of Economy


The idea of ​​the section can be associated with a famous latin proverb 'Mater artium necessitas': necessity is the mother of invention.

The absence of a space entirely dedicated to economics, or topics with an economic narrative slant allowing to get more knowledge, led to its birth.

The authors are passionate about the various sub-themes of economics and interested in analyzing the economic aspects of various themes.

Investments, e-commerce, digital marketing, public management, circular economy and use of recovery fund resources in the various sectors can only resemble some examples of the various topics analyzed.

In this section can be found insights and sharing from the writers, supported by a constant curiosity towards the novelty, that characterizes them.

The articles can be about a particular interest, a word heard during the lessons touched quickly, a severe matter or a fantastic article/book read.

The mission of this section is to make easier to approach an increasingly competitive work area through the care of knowledge, fueled by critical thinking, highlighted by authors, made solid by one’s own experience, in an atmosphere of sharing where everyone, with their contribution, makes the difference.

Being a member means make time a precious resource in which to deepen knowledge in collaboration.

To know more, stay tuned!


    "Our mission? Explain clearly everything about economics, from e-commerce to digital marketing, passing through circular economy"


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