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Hey! I’m Niranjan Nair Reghuvaran, from the southern tip of India. But after the first week in Rome, I realized that my name is too long and hard for many to pronounce properly, hence I’m Pachu  (Italian pronunciation-Paciu). Coming to Rome was a big decision in my life, and I believe it’s the best decision of my life. The multiculturality and diversity I witness in my 24hr is beyond anything I could have expected. I eat Italian, speak English, behave Indian and sometimes become the odd Moroccan , Georgian or Albanian! What I mean to say is, here I’m not bound to one nationality or one culture and I’m very happy for making that choice. This explains why I took this course. As I said in my personal statement, I’m here to find my tribe of believers in a better world. And so far, the journey is great.

Co-Editor in Chief


GALEONI Flaminia


Hi! I’m Flaminia Galeoni, I was born in Rome on the 1st September 1999. I’ve just finished my five years experience at the classic high school, where I had the opportunity to better understand myself and who I want to become in my future. I’m very passionate about literature, arts, reading and writing. Another of my biggest interests is travelling and getting to know new cultures and habits, that’s why as soon as I discovered Global Governance I knew that it could have been the right place for me. In my future I would like to work in the international relationship area, to discover as much as I can about the current and future global issues.

Chief Editor


MAQUET Clémence


I am from France, Loire Valley region, where I already had the chance to study 2 years of humanistic prep course in Nantes before getting enrolled in university I am totally passionate by photography, cinema, music and actually Art in general, as well as history and politics. Meeting people and traveling while working ; searching solutions for environmental, social and geopolitical issues ; and aspiring to ethical and qualitative journalism are for sure figuring among my  goals.

Web Programmer


HUMA Alessio


Hi there! My name is Alessio Huma. If you’re reading this description, it means that your mind has just acquired the awareness of the existence of some unknown person somewhere: me. Without the power of the Internet, maybe you would have never heard of me. That’s the power of globalisation: connection. I want to say just a few things to you. I think that the globalisation, by fastening all the processes of communication and connection between humans, is just showing us in a quicker way something inevitable: the world is way smaller than we could ever imagine, and every action that we do everyday, in a way or another, has some consequences in this world where we are living all together. Therefore, if we really want a better world for us and for the next generations, we have to start thinking critically of which is our place on this planet and how we can help the others in order to make everyone living better as a humankind. We’re connecting each other more and more as the day passes. We can’t pretend to ignore what happens around us anymore, because whether we like it or not, we’re part of it. Human connection, therefore, is the key to overcome the challenges that Globalisation is posing to us.

Covid-19 section Leader





Hi everyone! My name is Sofia and I’m from Rome. I attended musical studies during highschool, and I partecipated to some activities regarding the international studies. 

Covid-19 section Leader




Hey! I’m Chiara. I was born in Rome. I’ve attended the classical high school called Augusto. My dream, since I was a child, is to travel all around the world. I’ve always be fond of different cultures and places. I spend part of my spare time volunteering, namely dealing with children and working as entertainer and helping for tasks in parish church  or education centers.  My other hobbies are: theater, gym, singing and write poems.

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VIRZI Francesca


Hi! I’m Francesca Virzi and I’m 19 years old. I’m a nice and lovely girl, I love animals, flowers and cooking cakes and ,of course, PASTA! I like doing sports, such as volleyball and tennis. My passion for sports was born thanks to my father who tought me the importance of : determination, achieve the goals and the passion in what you do. Art is my source of life and during the weekends I like going to the painting exhibitions in Rome. I can speak three languages: English, Spanish and French ( and Italian I hope). I have chosen Global Governance because I believe in the power of multiculturalism, peace and freedom; diversity is a richness that we can help us to understand and change the world



Hi there!
I grew up in a family context that has always valued multiculturalism and that has engraved in my mind two important concepts: humility and acceptance.

After my High School graduation, I packed my bag and started a completely new adventure.
I decided to spend a year in London where I have been working, studying and volunteering but, most of all, looking inside my-self and trying to understand what I desire for my future.
Multidisciplinarity, inclusivity and openness are just some of the words that I would use to describe the BA in Global Governance.
I strongly believe that we are lucky to live in such a connected world and that we should take the best from this unique opportunity and, day by day, learn from each other.

BALMER Costanza Olivia

Italy/United Kingdom

Hi! My name is Costanza, I’m half Italian and half British. I was born in Paris and have been travelling the world since then! I attended primary school in Paris, middle school in Jerusalem and high school in Rome. All of these international experiences with different cultures and people only increased my curiosity, so I’m really glad I will be stydying Global Governance! During the summer I teach sailing, working also with disabled children. This job made me realize that I’m sure I want my future to be full of people. During the year I study theater and singing, and I’ve been doing both since I was very very young. I can’t wait to begin this new journey, and I’m sure it’ll be as exciting and mind-opening as I’m hoping it will!



I describe myself as a daydreamer and a night thinker. My biggest passions are writing and acting, I like reading, listening to music, watching tv series and being around people, even if sometimes I enjoy wondering on my own. I’m a bit clumsy, sensitive and stubborn, but I’m also cheerful, friendly and resilient.

BUSKO Carolina


I am Carolina. I am born and raised in Rome with polish parents. All my life turned around not one but multiple countries, so I understood from a young age what it meant to live in a ‘global’ world. I fell in love with it and with a multicultural world.



I’m Lorenzo, I come from the south of Italy, more precisely Apulia. I’m passionate about foreign languages (I speak Italian, English, French, German and Spanish) and I really love travelling. 



Hi, I’m Giulia and I’m 19 years old. I live in Rome, Italy, and I’m a student of Global Governance. There are many things I’m passionate about, such as drawing, dancing, but the most important one is International Relations and travelling all over the  world.

RUSU Milena


I dont really like describing myself, maybe because i like multiple things and i find myself being an introvert and an extrovert at the same time.I like rain but at the same time i like sunny days,i like old things but at the same time am impressed of the modern world, im interested in science but in literature ,too, i adore  listening to hip hop and rock, thats why i chose global governence:this course combines multiple things such as law, economics and politics, in the end helping me undersand better the world we live in.But some things i know for sure:I like my morning coffee, i adore music and cynematography and i really want to travel the whole world.Rome is my soul city and im grateful that one of my dreams already became a reality.Perhaps my dreams are actually not that far from where i stand.



Hello everyone, I am Marina. As a representative of this millennial generation, I like the globalized world. I appreciate being in a room with people from several parts of the globe. There isn’t a better way to learn about cultures than be immersive on it. That’s why I chose to be part of this community. In the next three years, I am committing myself to get out of my comfort zone to have the chance to make my homeland (Brazil) a more fair and equal society in the near future.
So if you find me in the corridors, feel free to invite me for a coffee; I am delighted to learn and share my experience.



Hi there! my name is Gaia, I was born and raised in a city called Perugia, right in the center of Italy. As I grew up, my passion for travelling and for getting to know other people’s cultures increased thanks to the journeys I was lucky enough to do. I chose this course because it reflects my passions and interests and I’m positive it will let me broaden my knowledge and experience. I can describe myself as a curious person, I’m always interested in learning new things, and I’m also passionate about music and languages.



Hey, I am Ali Mahboob from Lahore, Pakistan. Tackling global issues in Model United Nations and studying international infrastructure in parliamentary debates, I have been a student of politics since the past four years.

I have always been fascinated by the diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up this world and been given an opportunity to live and be a part of such a global community is a privilege. To meet new people, learn different languages, and discover myself through the beauty that this world hides within itself is what I look forward to.I believe it is through being part of a learned community that one improves himself by relating and understanding this world through someone else’ eyes. It just not just allows you to open your mind and see beyond your own sphere of knowledge but also gives you the perspective of a greater world.

My curiosity for global governance derives from wanting to know how nations interconnectedly work in a dynamic at an international level and what are the stakeholders in order to sustain this equilibrium. I want to have a better understanding of the crises that the modern world faces and be aware of my role in making it a better one. I believe that elegantly sums up what we all are meant to do: leave this world better than which was given to us.  



Hello! I am a foreign student from Moscow, Russia. While attending an international school in Israel, I have become especially passionate about such aspects of Global Politics as Human Rights and Conflict Mediation. I hope to expand my knowledge of those disciplines throughout the program and gain a better understanding of political, legal, and economic processes in the world. Also, I am interested in World History and getting acquainted with different cultures and languages. I believe that, in the globalized society, it is highly important to be open-minded about various backgrounds, that is why I am planning to continue improving my German and Hebrew, as well as start learning Italian.

CINAR Esra Selin


Hey people! I am Esra from a beautiful island called Cyprus. Throughout my life, I have always been interested in the ambiguous sociological matters, notions of global matters and thus; simply humans. Plus, I am a nature, music and art lover, which I think are vital elements for humans that need to be present at all times. For these reasons, I have attended many workshops, conferences; volunteered at several NGO tasks and organization of festivals which taught me it is possible to have marvelous fun and gain valuable experiences that would help you significantly later on. That is exactly why I think Global Governance is the perfect fit for me and for my dreams of making a difference in the world, therefore, I am very proud and excited to start this journey.



Hello everybody,
my name is Diletta, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Rome, Italy.
I’ve always been a curious girl, that asked plenty of questions and could never actually focus her attention on only one interest. My biggest passions have always been dancing, photography, reading and studying different languages, but recently I discovered how social topics such as feminism, gender equality and human rights in general really fascinated me.
Two years ago, in order to define my personal identity and my future goals, I decided to move to Canada for a year abroad.
It was there that I actually understood how much the world has in store for young people like me, that in this specific moment of the history have the opportunity to be heard.
This is the reason why Global Governance is the perfect path for me, not only in terms of subjects and academic goal, but mostly because of the environment of enthusiasm and reliance on the fact that our generation can actually have an impact on the world.
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to join such an amazing and stimulating course surrounded by interdisciplinarity and multiculturalism.


United Kingdom

Hi! My name is Katia, I am 21 years old. I was born and raised in the United Kingdom into a multicultural household, my father is Italian and my mother is Jamaican so i have always loved to learn about other peoples culture, whether it be the their Food, Traditions, Politics, History or Society. I Lived in Italy for a year attending a school in Pescara, to learn Italian and experience travelling and independence, as i knew i would like to attend a University in Italy one day. My Italian teacher recommended Global Governance to me and I knew it was the course for me! I love taking part in sports as i grew up playing Football and Running in an Athletics Club, I am looking forward to finding some Sports Clubs to be apart of and meet new people.




Hi everyone! I’m Elena De novellis I’m 19 years old and ready to explore what life had reserved for me. I believe that everything in life is an experience and -whether if its good or bad- it must be lived fully. I’ve just graduated in a scientific high school where I’ve studied for 5 years. During this years I changed very much; in the first few years I used to imagine my future self working with numbers, when right now I imagine myself in a future full of people to meet and to get to know, help them and to try to be helpful for the society in some way.  
I chose the faculty of Global Governance as my new path to find my place in the world, to understand its mechanisms and to be able to do something good for it.



I’m Gaia Ferrazza, and I’m from Rome. I’m a very active person, I like to work out at the gym and I love music that’s why I play the violin. I spent 10 months in Canada and I made many international friends! I like to stay in touch with people from all over the world in order to share ideas.



Hi everyone, my name is Annalinda,  I’m from Rome. I just graduated from classic high school Francesco Vivona and I can’t wait to see what Global Governance has in store for me! I consider myself a very curious person, whose interests range from astrophysics to arts and journalism, even though my one true love is literature, especially poetry and ancient Greek and roman mythology. I’m also a musician, I studied violin for seven years and it’s been four years now since I started playing the drums. I see myself as a determined person who cherishes truth and justice and is not afraid to stand up for what is right, no matter the consequences: that’s why I am a feminist and environmentalist. Since I was a kid I never knew who I was going to be when I grew up or what my job was going to be, and I still don’t, however the only constant has been that I wanted to help people, because when I looked at the world I didn’t like what I saw, so now I’m here to change it. I’m very grateful for this course because, with its interdisciplinarity and diversity of subjects, I think it will give me the opportunity to reach a better understanding of global issues and the means to face them in the best way possible.

CARDULLI Alessandro


Hi! My name is Alessandro, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Rome. I love theatre and travelling. However I’m really interested in politics and diplomacy and this is the main reason for me attending GG. 



Hello there! I’m Andrea, I’m 21 years old and I would like to understand the social, political and human implications that rule the world. I would like to try to change the world by changing the minds and letting understand how the world works united not fractured or disconnected.



Hi, my name is Costanza Acquaviva, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Rome. I don’t really know yet what I want to become, I hope Global Governance will help me figure it out. I love sports, music, cinema and spending time with my friends. I love to travel (even if I haven’t traveled much yet), this is partly why I chose this course, to start getting in touch with people of many different countries and opening my horizons.



Hi there! I am Simone, I was born in Rome and there I spent pretty much my whole lifetime. Suburbs life has always affected me and during my teenhood I discovered travelling . I started flying around Europe and learning new languages both at school and abroad. I was lucky to receive a 6-months scholarship to study in Canada in 2018 and once I came back I understood that what I really wanted to do in life was connecting cultures and different people. The feeling of enriching yourself and others by mixing opposite backgrounds is what makes my day. I believe that thanks to Global Governance I will be able to pursue my goal and better understand how the 21st century world really works.



My name’s Chiara, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Aprilia, a small city not far from Rome. I could define me as a curious, open-minded and cheerful girl and I love to get to know new people especially if they’re from another culture. I think we can always learn from others and that diversity is richness. Since I was a child I’ve always had a strong sense of justice and that is one of the reasons I choose Global Governance; in these three years I expect to grow as a student, but even more as a human being and, at the end, to be able to make a difference in my own little way giving my contribution to make this World a better place for everyone!

CRISTO Francesca


Hi! My name is Francesca, I’m 18 and I’m from Rome. My greatest passion has always been travelling, not just to see another country but yet to come to know a different culture. That’s part of the reason why I’ve spent the academic year 2018/19 in India as an exchange student; in this beautiful country I’ve discovered my interest in human rights and global concerns, and I realized that was what I wanted to focus my studies on. 



Hi! My name is Giulia and I am 18 years old. I am a solar person, always opened to diversities and adventures of any kind. I love travelling. I have loved it since I was little because of my mother and my grandmother, and there is nothing that makes me feel better than going all over the world. In fact, some of my dreams are to go on a Safari in Africa and look for the norther lights in Lapland. I also love to go to art exhibitions because I think that the emotions that a painting or a sculpture arouses in you are like no other. I already speak four languages (Italian, English, French and Spanish) but I would really love to learn more and more to be the more opened to different cultures as possible. I realized how important the world issues were to me by participating at IMUN (Italian Model United Nations).



I consider myself a very passionate, determined, curious, enthusiastic and committed person. Sometimes I can be a strong head but I am also a hard worker and I enjoy taking on challenges. One of the reasons why I chose GG is that I feel at ease in an international, multicultural environment, and I am always ready for new experiences.

DE MORAIS João Ricardo


Hello there! You can call me Joao. I am from the northeastern region of Brazil, the place where my “roots of dreams” are planted. I am deeply passionate about exploring different political projects and learning about sociological and anthropological aspects of the environments to which I am exposed. I enjoy getting engaged in social entrepreneurship projects and political causes, as well I love taking some personal time to appreciate music, have fruitful conversations, write, and get submerged by what I read. I have lived in a conflict zone( Israel/Occupied Palestine) for the last 3 years of my life, in a school that has the mission of promoting peace and sustainability in the Middle East. Because of such experience, exploring new perspectives and listening to different opinions become part of my daily life. 



Hi Everyone! My name is Arin, I’m 19 and I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. My hobbies are reading, powerlifting and travelling. I’m heavily interested with history, macroeconomics, political theories and geopolitics. Because of my interests I decided to pick Global Governance for my bachelor. 

FOKINA Evelina


 I hope that the contribution of each of us will influence the history. Since childhood, I have a strict sense of justice, but I understand that this feeling is only the basis of the ground, on which many more lawyers of lessons that I have to go through will be superimposed. Personally, I like to dance hip-hop, play sports such as volleyball and basketball and live the whole “teen” life. All the love, Evelina



My name is Riccardo and I’m from Rome. I’m passionate about history and politics, but I also love to watch and play sports, in particular basketball, which I played for over thirteen years. I have always liked to travel and see new places, and wherever I go I buy a good book as a souvenir. 



Hey everyone, my name is Yazan and I’m from Jordan. I recently joined Global Governance after an intense year at medical school so I’m really excited to be here. 
I don’t think any entire person can be summarised into a couple of paragraphs, but what I can tell you about myself on here is the following: I’m a people person, I’m really outgoing, I love food so I cook, I play board games religiously and I’m really into politics and history. 



I am Humuza Gisa Roick, I am a Proud Rwandan Student Committed to pursue my major in Global Governance. I found my Comfort zone in Global Governance, I am Expecting to Learn and Grow Within a Well Sharped Diverse Path. Being Part Of Global Governance Community will Enrich my social skills of human experience and helps to prepare my perception for intelligent participation in Global Political Community and pave the path of my Political Career. My Country, My Continent, My Future are eagerly Waiting for an extraordinary and Important Man out Of Me.

ISHIMWE Aurore Sugira


My name is Aurore Ishimwe Sugira from Rwanda , Kigali I am excited to join GG and can’t wait for the whole adventure and most of all learning from a variety of people and sharing my opinions as well.


Hi everyone! I’m Albina and I come from a city, named Stavropol, in south of Russia, a country where cohexist different nationalities. Even within my family itself I experienced this pluralism, being half tatarian and half ossetian while raised in russian culture: this made me realize how various the cultural references can be and how vital is to respect each other’s values. Looking for new experience outside my comfort zone, after my high school diploma, I moved to Germany and I have lived there for 6 years, learning the language and studying at the law school… it has been an challenging experience, getting familiar with a new culture… but I understood as well that I want to work, in the future, in international environments.



Hello everyone! My name is Sara and I am from Fiumicino, on the outskirts of Rome. Some of the things I like doing the most are going to concerts, taking care of animals, reading and travelling; this one is by far my biggest passion and the one that brought me to Global Governace. What really captivated me about this programme was its interdisciplinarity which is for me the key to tackle problems from different points of view. 



Hi everyone! My name is Chiara, I’m 19 years old and I live in Rome, Italy. I have a European body and an international soul: I was born in Germany, I inherited the French nationality from my father and I live in Italy. My international vocation comes from my travels all around the world and my six-months stay in Canada back in 2018/2019 for an exchange program. There I’ve understood my passion to explore the world and to get to know people from different countries and cultures. Therefore, I decided to make of this my long-time job! Being an international student, I felt for the first time an outsider and I believe this aspect made me more open minded and it gave me the occasion to shape my own personality: by getting to know people from different cultures, I got to know myself better too!



Hi everyone, I’m Simone and I’m from Rome. Though my education has been mainly focused on humanities, I had the opportunity to take some extra scientific courses, and I’m so grateful for that. I also had the possibility to take part in some projects which opened my eyes into an international environment, like MUN and some international essay contests. I love to take an insight into different cultures.



My name is Beatriz Lincoln Verçosa, I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I studied four years of International Relations and now I’m following my study career in Global Governance at the University of Tor Vergata. I’ve always been fascinated by the International discussions and the analyses of global phenomena. In our globalized world, local discussions are now easily spread everywhere, which results in external support and it gives voice to those who were once unseen, creating a synergy in problem-solving. I expect to use this opportunity also to export my cultural knowledge and experiences, to bring light about Brazil but always open to exchange experiences with my Global Governance community. 



Hi! I’m Chiara and I’m 19 years old. I’ve just graduated from the linguistic high school Giuseppe Peano, where I got the double French-Italian diploma thanks to the so called project Esabac. I consider myself a curious person, who is willing to learn more and more about realities far different from mine. Moreover, I have so many ambitions, very high expectations for my future and I’m deeply convinced that Global Governance will help me achieving my goals.

MANCUSO Federico


I’m Federico Mancuso. I live in Rome and I’m 19. I graduated from scientific high school and I decided to attend Global Governance because I have always preferred to focus on a interdisciplinary and international field of study. My main interests are economy and politics. I also love travelling and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend many holidays abroad during my life (USA, Argentina, Egypt, Europe).



Hi! I’m Oriana, I’m 18 years old and I’m from the South of Italy. I’ve always been a curious person, developing many hobbies throughout my life: reading, acting, hiking, traveling. This trait of my personality led me to go for a study exchange program in Chile, where I met new people from all over the world and I discovered a new culture. This experience, as well as others, increased my interest in understanding how the world works. 

MIZUNO Shinichi


Hi everyone! My name is Shinichi and I come from Tokyo, Japan. Nice to meet you! I love playing soccer, the piano and love learning foreign languages. I was impressed by the close relationships between faculty and students, and the high value put upon cooperation. This is one of the biggest reasons why I chose Global Governance. I hope to be able to develop the ability to consider issues facing the world from a broad perspective through studying at Global Governance. It is also my hope that I will be able to build a group of like-minded people to further discussion of the issues facing the world, and deepen understanding between our respective cultures.

MURZI Martina


Hello! My name is Martina, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Rome. My main feature is curiosity. I love to sing, read, go out with my friends, understand and discover new things. Traveling and getting to know new people or cultures has always been my greatest passion and this is one of the main reasons why I chose Global Governance. I can’t wait to start this new adventure, to meet my future companions, to learn and to satisfy my curiosity.



Hello there! My name is Chiara and I come from Artena, a medieval village nearby Rome. My curiosity has always made me look for different environments, experiences and people. Since when I was a child, I’ve always dreamed to set off to the United Kingdom and work there, and last summer I happily realized it. I love art in all its shades: sculptures, pictures, novels, poetry and theatre. Due to this passion, I read a lot and I attend a drama course. I live life as an evolution of the present, not as a plan. 



Hi there! My name is Valerio, I’m half Italian half Persian, I’m from Rome and I’m here in Global Governance because my aim is to become a diplomat. I’m a really curious person. I like travelling, learning languages, reading, enjoying natural landscapes and discovering the art hidden into old towns. I’ve spent my fourth year of High School in China as an exchange student, there I’ve had the great opportunity to experience the cultural gap and the adaptation, as well as being hosted by a Chinese family, meet lots of people, enjoy the culture and obviously learn Chinese. This journey led me to understand a lot from myself, enough on what I will be doing and something about this multicultural huge planet we live on.



I am a refugee. I am from everywhere yet from nowhere. I am very passionate about refugee issues, more importantly, advocating for refugees to get educational opportunities. I love reading and I best express myself through writing poetry. I like playing the guitar and I love having philosophical conversations with friends.



Hello there! I’m Maria, I live in Rome and I come from Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri. My high school studies have deepened my interest mainly in philosophy, literature and history, but I partecipated as well to many extracurricular activities that have taught me the importance of interactions in a multicultural environment. In my free time I love reading, acting and biking. I also do love musicals, baking, taking the bus, mountains, knitting and cows. That’s me

PERSHINA Ekaterina


I’m Ekaterina but my short name is Katya, so please call me that. I come from St.Petersburg, Russia, which means I’m always ready to discuss Dostoevsky’s novels 🙂 When I’m not busy with daily routine, I always try to enjoy life and have a good time. I like cooking (and eating too, so studying in Italy will also be a true gastronomic journey). I like cinema and going to the movies (almost as much as I like staying home and watching Netflix). I also like animals a lot, I’m a proud mom of two beautiful dogs. On a more serious note though, the topics I’m dedicated to the most are women’s rights and ecological problems. I hope to continue learning about the world, find out more what I can do to fight gender inequality, as well as implementing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.



Hi! I’m Virginia. Since I’m a curious person I tend to live my life as a continuos discovery. This usually leads to people thinking I’m kinda weird, but I’d hate to be considered any different. In my spare time I like reading and writing about things i consider being worth notice but sometimes actually are not. I like being in the open air and if I could I’d be riding my bike to everywhere in the city. However, if there is something I really love, it would be to travel and, while doing so, discover new cultures and new ways to see life and to face different situations.

POTT Michelle Aimée


Hi guys! My name is Michelle Aimée Pott, I am 20 years old, and I am from Germany. I love traveling, exploring different cultures and trying new things. Some reasons why I chose to study Global Governance are that I was very intrigues by the interdisciplinary and multicultural aspects of this major. 

PRESSANI Giulia Francesca


I’m Italian but I’ve lived most of my life abroad. I speak three languages and I hope to keep traveling in the future.

RIZZO Francesca Sofia

Hi! I’m Francesca Sofia, or just Sofia to my friends. I was born in Rome in 1999, but pieces of my heart are scattered in a multitude of places, and in all of them I feel at home. I love to travel and to discover different facets of humanity, from the closest to the most dissimilar. One of the many lessons that the Latin culture has taught me is the one expressed by the sentence ”Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”. I’m very excited to become part of the GG family for a variety of reasons: the international scope, the multidisciplinary, the embracement of diversity as richness. My interest in human rights, international cooperation, sustainable development, and preservation of cultural heritage, could not have led me to a better BA than this! When I’m not overthinking and daydreaming, I love to immerse myself in art, in all of its forms, including awkwardly trying to learn to play the bass guitar. You may also find me running, meditating, writing, eating vegetarian dishes, or learning a new language.

ROBINSON Alex Spencer


My name is Alex, I was born and raised on the tropical island of Jamaica, but I recently relocated and now live in the historic and beautiful city of Rome. I’ve had such an awesome experience immersing myself into the rich culture of Italy, coming from such a widely different culture it’s been amazing, from the food, to the people and exploring the night life of the city I was able to see even more of its true beauty, simply put – I fell in love with Rome. My philosophy is that I can achieve anything I set my mind to – with hard work and determination. I am a firm believer in T.E.A.M, because for me the acronym stands for Together Everyone Achieves More! I love politics; I’m an avid reader, who enjoys many different genres of music.

RUSU Ancuta Raluca


Hi! My name is Ancuta Raluca and I’m a proud GG1 student. I was born in Romania but moved to Italy when I was nine years old. I describe myself as an ambitious and hard-working person who is capable of anything in order to achieve the desired results. I firmly believe in solidarity and I think that this is a trait which all the GG students and staff have in common. Also, I promote equality, justice, human and animal rights. I want to give the possibility to all people to make their voices heard! Furthermore, Global Governance represents an excellent opportunity for me and I want to prove the world that even when you come from nothing, you can still build your future! Moreover, I expect to grow mentally as a person, to improve my knowledge and to become friends with all of you. Oh, and I spend my free time writing poetry and reading all kinds of books.



Hi! My name is Simona and I’m from Rome. I am a nice but quite shy girl who loves music, movies and travelling. I have studied languages in High School so I can speak Italian, English,French and Spanish. With this language’s knowledge I have been able to travel and to interact with other people which gave me the opportunity to open my mind and to learn new things. I think that this process of learning new things will continue with this course in order to spread what I learn and to change something for the good! 



Let me introduce myself 😉 I’m Sabina and I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I studied 2 years at Ablai khan university of international relationships&word languages. And throughout these years I gained huge experience in organizing regions&international Model UN, so if someone is interested in this sphere, you’re welcome to improve skills together among students in Rome. Also, I am a volunteer and organized charity events for children with disabilities, arranging funny performances and entertainments for them with gifts. Worked in sport and international events such as Central Asia Youth festival and Triathlon Asian Cup 2018. I am debater and fascinated by improving critical thinking and public speaking. Trying by best in sport to feel life energy and be on the wave is vital part of my life, so I practice yoga, jogging and other kinds where I’ve already injured. I am quite easy-going and open-minded to find a lot in common with all of you.



Hello, nice to meet you I’m Lorenzo and that’s a quick overview of who I am. I was born and raised in Aprilia, a town close to Rome, with passion for politics, football, literature and art. Well, I think the last one can sufficiently resume my personality. In fact I love to imagine things and try at all my best to realize my visions and draw them in the reality just like for a paint, for a project or also for a play. That’s what I want to do in my future as a job, to give visions and realize projects, I tried for the first time in smaller during the past year in my high school protesting and activating my schoolmates to claim a more active and independent role of the figure of the student inside the school. But in general what interests me most are social justice and green economy and sustainability. My goal is to enter inside the European institutions and a have an active role to realize that I think Global Governance can give the tools I need. In addition to the tools what’s really important is the mindset. Perseverance, resilience, self-confidence and challenge myself constantly represent what the sport gives to me and that’s for that and for the feelings I live that I practise football since I was 7. The mindset the sport gives to me is fundamental also off the pitch in school and in everyday life. Another aspect of me is the constant research for new stimulations, there is no better way to find new ideas than literature. I love read essays, biographies, the books that contain a lot of humanity. One of my favourite book is “Gli spiriti non dimenticano” written by Vittorio Zucconi. Love for humans and possibility to travel inside a completely new world it’s not only for literature but also for Art. One of the painter that I most like Paul Gauguin well represents what I love about art.



Hi everyone! My name is Noor, I’m Jordanian of Palestinian origins; two countries that are well known for their cultural richness. I usually occupy my free time with sightseeing, if not, you’ll probably find me somewhere reading a book and listening to music. Whenever inspiration strikes, I also like to write and draw. During the past few years I have decided to follow a new approach to life that consists of enriching my knowledge and expanding my horizons through experience. As a result, I have participated in several international forums, MUNs and meetings with prominent politicians. I chose Global Governance for its interdisciplinary course structure and its emphasis on multiculturalism and internationalism, which ensures that students have an inclusive outlook regarding different global challenges. I hope my following years at Tor Vergata will help me pave the way for a future where creating positive change is my full-time job.

SGRO Veronica


Hey everybody! I’m Veronica (Viky for international friends) from Rome and I was born in 2001. If you’re getting to know me, you’ll realise soon that I’m very cheerful and full of energy. In fact, I love doing new experiences and adventures and discovering new aspects of the world. Concerning my interests, my biggest passions are writing (I was the director of a student newspaper) and photography; both tools to express myself in the best way. I think Global Governance really fits me because I believe in the power of dialogue and diversity among different people, so that everyone of us can enrich the other with his/her personal baggage. Well, that’s all for now… 



My name is Roxana and I’m 21 years old. I was born in a small town in Romania and came to Italy seven years ago. 
Being part of these two realities, I become  more aware of how lucky I am, and how many possibilities I have had, and continue to have, everyday. 
That is why I now want to give back and help those that are less fortunate than I am. 



Hello everyone, my name is Chiara, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Rome, Italy. My biggest passions are dancing, reading and writing. I’ve always been a curious person, I usually ask questions about everything, especially about other cultures and this is why in 2018 I moved to Oregon (usa) where I’ve lived for a year and an half. Being so close with different people coming from different life scenarios and speaking different languages made me realized that I wanted to learn more about our world. My main interests about today’s world are topics like human rights, global warming, gender equality.