The True Size of Africa

A while ago I joined a volunteering programme. We were about to leave our home country and go out in the world to spend a year in a foreign country. Yet, we did not know much about the country we were going to live in, nor about the communities. A… Read More »The True Size of Africa

The white swan

How ignoring the climate change is, and progressively will, upset life on Earth. An armed bomb, the issue The black swan has been through history, from Latins onwards, a metaphor for impossibility. Having none ever seen such animal, was commonly spread the idea that only white swans existed, until 1697… Read More »The white swan

A hope for a change: an interview with Mark Hertsgaard

In one of the Global Conversations hosted by our course, we have had the pleasure of attending a two-day conference led by an esteemed guest: Mark Hertsgaard. He is a father, author, journalist, broadcaster , public speaker and has published seven books that have been translated into sixteen languages. Moreover,… Read More »A hope for a change: an interview with Mark Hertsgaard


When an old day ends and a new one hasn’t started yet, melancholy always takes you, harder then ever. Especially if you live somewhere in the desolate South Roman hinterland. I was driving back home in the late night, coming from a party that was held in the countryside, and… Read More »Maritozzo

The Second Amendment; Why?

With the recent mass shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, activists are advocating more than ever for the tightening of gun control as well as the repeal of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects the right for citizens to bear weapons. However,… Read More »The Second Amendment; Why?

Exploitation of Resources: A Dying Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan and Palestine. Famously known as the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea is around 430 meters below the sea level, low enough to make your ears pop on your drive down to this landmark. It is one of the… Read More »Exploitation of Resources: A Dying Dead Sea

More than meets the eye

Is it how you see it? Or how you want to see it? On the 22nd of March 2017, a terrible tragedy happened in London near the palace of Westminster, where 52-year- old Khalid Masood drove a car into pedestrians injuring more than 50 people and killing five of them.… Read More »More than meets the eye

In the mirror of Romani culture

“To know ourselves we have to know Others, who act as the mirror in which we see ourselves reflected” wrote the reporter Kapuściński in “The Other”. There are few cultures that are still in a strong and dynamic relationship with Others as the gypsy one. The Romani minority represent one… Read More »In the mirror of Romani culture

Active abstentionism: an oxymoron?

An alternative angle of analysis about the results of the Italian general elections.   March 4, 2018 – 73% of the Italian voters participated in the general election, to renew the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate for the XVIII legislature, in which no party exceeded the 32.6% of votes… Read More »Active abstentionism: an oxymoron?

Street harassment: it is a big deal.

Imagine you are walking around, when suddenly some stranger yells at you something like “hey beautiful! Why are you sad? Why don’t you smile at me? You’re too sweet to be sad!”. That is an example of what is known as “catcall”. Have you ever been catcalled? If you’re a… Read More »Street harassment: it is a big deal.

China – A wildcard in Global Governance?

Centuries of history, cradle of many philosophical ideas and today one of the world’s biggest economies, militaries and population combined in one country – China is the sleeping giant that has woken up. The “strong” have always attempted to divide the world amongst themselves: In the 15th Century Spain and… Read More »China – A wildcard in Global Governance?

The loneliest leader in the world – Why nobody wants to govern with Merkel

24 September 2017: Millions of Germans went voting for their new representatives and are now waiting for a new coalition to be formed to govern the country. With Donald Trump in the White House and Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, the world is waiting for Germany to take a stand.… Read More »The loneliest leader in the world – Why nobody wants to govern with Merkel