Pfizer: The Lethal Ethical Code

Pfizer is a multinational pharmaceutical corporation that has products in almost all pharmacies around the world like Advil, Nexium, Lyrica and many more. Pfizer’s ethical controversies reached a peak in 1996, when an outbreak of meningitis took place in Nigeria, where two hundred children were given medications without their parents’… Read More »Pfizer: The Lethal Ethical Code

Children in a global pandemic: what are the consequences?

In order to protect the psychological wellbeing, each one of us needs to be in control. A single critical event is enough to disrupt our balance, but instead of a single event we have to deal with a global emergency such as the one of Covid-19, it has shown that… Read More »Children in a global pandemic: what are the consequences?

Get organised to be recognised

How entertainment industry workers reacted to the damage caused by Covid-19. The Covid-19 situation has weakened the careers of workers in almost every field and workplace. It has shown how fragile the balances of our economic system are. It has affected the world of work threatening the well-being of millions… Read More »Get organised to be recognised

Coffee Talks with Dado

“Redefining notions and creating parallel dimensions of regularities and irregularities of life…What about it?” Kainz, Yuti. “Genius at Work”. 2016, Performance, approx. 6 hoursKunstuniversität Linz, Austria,  Fatma Nur Ozogul, WordPress https://fatmanurozogul.wordpress.com/portfolio/genius-at-work/ A nice Saturday morning, I got to meet with a valuable person from the past and had a conversation… Read More »Coffee Talks with Dado

The bright side of COVID-19

As the whole world is taking a step back on life, and being locked down, Earth is taking advantage of the situation to have its triumphal moment. Many rumors have been wandering around about it, confusing our minds. Some were fake news; others were pure truth, as we talked about… Read More »The bright side of COVID-19

COVID-19 conspiracy theories

DISCLAIMER: this article is not a way of spreading fake news and should be treated just as a collection of theories. The information that is going to be listed is not verified and officially approved. In accordance with what is happening right now around the world, I thought to myself… Read More »COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Does social distance mean safety from the virus?

At the very beginning of the emergency for COVID-19, the World Health Organization has published a list of simple precautions that every citizen all over the world needs to follow; in order to avoid the spread of the virus in a dangerous way, small and smart rules are the key… Read More »Does social distance mean safety from the virus?

Unlocking the locked, and the ‘possible’

Isn’t this suspended time of quarantine already long enough to allow us to subject the components of the current system to examination and to assess them, before deciding whether we want to contribute to its repair, or seek a better one?

Fashion vision 2020’s

Is the Covid-19 quarantine lifestyle going to change the way we will dress from now on? Besides the “pillow-dress” challenge that invaded Instagram with many celebrities wearing only a pillow and a fancy belt, a challenge that – we can all agree on – was won by Anne Hathaway   Our… Read More »Fashion vision 2020’s

Is Wildlife really coming back to the Cities?

The current period has been full of surprises as well as controversies. Staying locked down for months makes nothing happen on the inside maybe, but many things have happened on the outside. But did they actually happen, or did we just want them to happen? Some events can reveal themselves… Read More »Is Wildlife really coming back to the Cities?

A new threat to fundamental rights: authoritarian countries and their measures to fight coronavirus.

The health crisis brought by COVID-19 is currently affecting 212 countries all over the world. Some of these countries, while facing the struggles and difficulties of this catastrophe, find themselves fighting for their human rights. Indeed, while trying to battle everything that has been going on, leaders of some specific… Read More »A new threat to fundamental rights: authoritarian countries and their measures to fight coronavirus.

Time to take Gaming seriously

How Video games can help us deal with social distancing. Is it a good idea to spend hours in front of video games? Should we avoid them during these times of lockdown? This article will try to convince you that video games can be a huge help if you have… Read More »Time to take Gaming seriously

Covid-19: the new restrictive measures

On the 26th of April 2020, the Italian government issued a new decree which explained the newly established norms to follow by the citizens during the second phase of the Covid-19 emergency. In particular, the fundamental freedoms of the citizens are enclosed in the first article of the decree, as they… Read More »Covid-19: the new restrictive measures

The Promised Land and a Villain

(Karahasan, Sefa. 2020 Ledra Protest. Unite Cyprus Now, DHA News Agency, 7 March 2020, https://www.facebook.com/unitecyprusnow/photos/a.1541251715886040/3053942934616903/?type=3&theater) Today we are flying off to a little island in the heart of the Mediterranean (Sea); which is as the rest of the world, also fighting with the “common enemy” in disguise as a virus.… Read More »The Promised Land and a Villain

COVID-19, a dangerous virus in a globalized world

2020 is now almost 2 months old and, it hasn’t been one of the easiest newborns. Starting with the US-Iran tensions with the killing of Soleimani threatening global security in the early days of the new decade, we now witness a new problem of this troublesome child; it caught the… Read More »COVID-19, a dangerous virus in a globalized world