Mental illness-a global epidemic?

Right now the world is going through a pandemic that has and still is negatively affecting many people’s lives, but it is not the only global epidemic that is widely spread right now. More and more, I hear how people struggle with anxiety and depressive disorders. People are being suffocated… Read More »Mental illness-a global epidemic?

Children in a global pandemic: what are the consequences?

In order to protect the psychological wellbeing, each one of us needs to be in control. A single critical event is enough to disrupt our balance, but instead of a single event we have to deal with a global emergency such as the one of Covid-19, it has shown that… Read More »Children in a global pandemic: what are the consequences?

Life in the future

The world we are living in right now is influenced by new technology everyday. Just take a look at your home; we have around us  devices that make our life way easier. Technology is advancing at a very high speed, which is both a good and a bad thing, the… Read More »Life in the future

COVID-19 conspiracy theories

DISCLAIMER: this article is not a way of spreading fake news and should be treated just as a collection of theories. The information that is going to be listed is not verified and officially approved. In accordance with what is happening right now around the world, I thought to myself… Read More »COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Science: with and for the society

A conversation with Vittorio Colizzi In a complex system is fundamental to study, know and analyse the predominant diseases in order to find remedies and cultural backgrounds on them. The reality has to be “touched” and we don’t have to fear it. The touched topics of this conversation were so… Read More »Science: with and for the society