Life in the future

The world we are living in right now is influenced by new technology everyday. Just take a look at your home; we have around us  devices that make our life way easier. Technology is advancing at a very high speed, which is both a good and a bad thing, the… Read More »Life in the future

What the tech?!

A conversation with Tommaso Valletti The focus of the meeting was linked with Mr. Tommaso Valletti’s reflections on in the last few years as an economist: he studied the last developments in the world about economics, policies and technology. The importance of data and his research to gain and study… Read More »What the tech?!

Time to take Gaming seriously

How Video games can help us deal with social distancing. Is it a good idea to spend hours in front of video games? Should we avoid them during these times of lockdown? This article will try to convince you that video games can be a huge help if you have… Read More »Time to take Gaming seriously


In a world of screens and social media, books seem something old, coming from a remote century. iPads, tablets and Kindles have quickly replaced paper books, making them too heavy and bulky for our new frenetic society. In the past decade statistics showed a big crisis of the publishing industry,… Read More »#bookstagram

What is a black hole and where do they lead?

We know that the Universe is one of the biggest mysteries of the world and still remains unexplained,but what could possibbly await us in a black hole? The simple answer to all of these questions is, as Professor Richard Massey explains, “Who knows?” As a Royal Society research fellow at… Read More »What is a black hole and where do they lead?