Life in the future

The world we are living in right now is influenced by new technology everyday. Just take a look at your home; we have around us  devices that make our life way easier. Technology is advancing at a very high speed, which is both a good and a bad thing, the… Read More »Life in the future

What the tech?!

A conversation with Tommaso Valletti The focus of the meeting was linked with Mr. Tommaso Valletti’s reflections on in the last few years as an economist: he studied the last developments in the world about economics, policies and technology. The importance of data and his research to gain and study… Read More »What the tech?!


In a world of screens and social media, books seem something old, coming from a remote century. iPads, tablets and Kindles have quickly replaced paper books, making them too heavy and bulky for our new frenetic society. In the past decade statistics showed a big crisis of the publishing industry,… Read More »#bookstagram