Children in a global pandemic: what are the consequences?

In order to protect the psychological wellbeing, each one of us needs to be in control. A single critical event is enough to disrupt our balance, but instead of a single event we have to deal with a global emergency such as the one of Covid-19, it has shown that… Read More »Children in a global pandemic: what are the consequences?

COVID-19 conspiracy theories

DISCLAIMER: this article is not a way of spreading fake news and should be treated just as a collection of theories. The information that is going to be listed is not verified and officially approved. In accordance with what is happening right now around the world, I thought to myself… Read More »COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Diplomacy and the new world

A conversation with Umberto Vattani In this volatile and difficult world full of technology, it is increasingly complex having a proper dialogue; it is easier chatting on social media with a text instead of real words. Interpersonal relationships are changing and so international challenges can be fought with new instruments.… Read More »Diplomacy and the new world