Everyday Life of a Palestinian

—- Hebron: Where Picking Akkoub is a crime.   On a breezy morning in March, Issa, an 11 years old boy, woke up craving Akkoub, also known as Gundelia. He went up to his mom, “Mama, can we have Akkoub for lunch today?”. She replied, “but we don’t have any”. Issa… Read More »Everyday Life of a Palestinian

Cancel culture

Cancel culture refers to the practice of withdrawing support for public figures and companies after they have done or said something offensive,it is a rather new phenomenon that is often encountered on many online social platforms. We could call it a modern-day trial, but the only issue is:who is really… Read More »Cancel culture

Demisexuals: the pride and the prejudices

Someone may assume that nothing could make bigots happier than someone who preselve themselves until the right  person and the right moment come, but that is not the case, and demisexuals know it too well. But let’s take a step back: what is demisexuality?   Demisexuality is a sexual orientation… Read More »Demisexuals: the pride and the prejudices

Life in the future

The world we are living in right now is influenced by new technology everyday. Just take a look at your home; we have around us  devices that make our life way easier. Technology is advancing at a very high speed, which is both a good and a bad thing, the… Read More »Life in the future

COVID-19 conspiracy theories

DISCLAIMER: this article is not a way of spreading fake news and should be treated just as a collection of theories. The information that is going to be listed is not verified and officially approved. In accordance with what is happening right now around the world, I thought to myself… Read More »COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Human rights in a diversed world

Even if the world is so diverse and culturally different we have one thing in common and that is: we are all born free and equal in rights, this is what is said in the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights of December 10th 1948, but is this theory really applied… Read More »Human rights in a diversed world

Deadly political crisis in Bolivia

  The resignation of the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has led the country to a popular outcry. The nomination of Anez as President ad interim has not soothed the situation, but, on the contrary, caused a political crisis that is reflected by the huge amount of people that are… Read More »Deadly political crisis in Bolivia

Friday for future, a worldwide waking up

It is now more than known : the movement that Greta Thunberg launched in August 2018 by sitting in front of the Swedish Parliament is spreading day by day, embracing already the youth and calling for every age, every social background, everyone. On 20th of September, the young Swedish girl… Read More »Friday for future, a worldwide waking up

Science: with and for the society

A conversation with Vittorio Colizzi In a complex system is fundamental to study, know and analyse the predominant diseases in order to find remedies and cultural backgrounds on them. The reality has to be “touched” and we don’t have to fear it. The touched topics of this conversation were so… Read More »Science: with and for the society

Change for all, change for you!!

A conversation with Thomas Hylland Eriksen Nowadays seems that Climate change is a complex problem without a practical resolution. Everyone speaks about it: schools, governments, States and mass media but anyone can find a way to solve the problem and to convince human beings to act. Humans need another point of… Read More »Change for all, change for you!!